On the Silver Globe movie

Year: 1988

Duration: 02:37:09

Directed by: Andrzej Seweryn, Jerzy Trela, Grazyna Dylag

Actors: Andrzej Zulawski

Language: Polish | English subtitles

Country: Poland

Also known as: Na srebrnym globie (original title)

Description: A group of space explorers escapes Earth in search fro freedom. They crash in a planet very similar to their home planet.

They build a village on the seashore they find and their life goes on as normal. When only one of the team members is left, he keeps observing the evolution of the new society that basis its religion on the mythical tales that came from Earth itself.

The first generation fully born outside of Earth calls the survivor by “Old Man”, as see him as a demi-God. When he leaves them he sends a video recording of his experience back to Earth.

A space researcher named Marek collects this diary and decides to visit the new planet. He is received by a group of priests that think he is the Messiah, able to release them from the captivity of the Szerns, indigenous occupants of the planet.

Marek will organize an army and invade the city of the Szerns. But the priests start to think he is an outcast from planet Earth, rather than the Messiah they were expecting to fulfill the prophecy they expected.

The movies is based on the Jerzy Żuławski novel by the same name, part of his “The Lunar Trilogy”.

 Review: Polish director Andrzej Zulawski reminded me the gangster of Cosa Nostra, who owed money, and the painting itself – the debtor, for failing to pay on the same debt. Most often, the ejection of money is made by coercing the debtor, in case you did not listen – the murder … The director did everything to make the picture was beaten so much that when viewed on this substance in the spectator discouraged any desire to watch it on, a mixture of blood, bodies, dirt and human sin, and all this is done in close Noir in style … with the picture was different – an assassination attempt by the Polish government has been, but, fortunately, the picture became disabled though – still got the right to life. Many would like to show the director, much to say, much to convey and communicate … and in the end he did it, but maybe not, no, because, as usual, for monologues crazies seriously can not (unless, of course, does not perceive the information as an artistic way reports the truth to the audience.) So – for this picture can be tagged as “controversial.” On one side of this masterful sense the hand of the philosopher, who was able, at least for myself, to understand what’s all the same is the meaning of life, but on the other – marasmic verbiage, in the style of Tymoshenko – like the point is, but the smell of the inadequacy of words.

By quite a lot of attention is focused on humanity as a whole, as cowardly or weak individuals. “There is a way, but to go to none”, “life is, but no one to live” and so on in the same vein. During free democratic cinema in the U.S. – Poland was still under the heavy hand of leadership in total affected so insulting a number of ideas amputation film. Do not Tell, and the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” – is ideal. At the moment there is no visual line (along with the voiceover director, re-read the script) caught myself thinking that at this point in time “that” call “cinema” can not, however, is ce la vie, so patient and tried not to stray from the plot line (which would make a pretty not easy).

Some time ago I heard of was not an acquaintance, saying “no shit – shit you will not create”, which put me in a stupor, – “what? – I thought “- and that’s only now beginning to understand its meaning. No matter what – the person was able to transfer all the negativity from one place to another, even in this “other” place it and start from scratch. Envy, anger, stupidity – all came with the new generation, which, in theory, was to be utopian.

As for the visual component of the film – it is all perfect (in the sense that after an absence, a much longer period of processing the picture – it has a very cool), but it was not yet familiar at the time, “a trembling camera” – to create a brilliant effect of the presence (and from it – attachment) psevdodokumentalistiku I always appreciate.

Really liked the trick with the car, where the music was playing 70’s – as a ray of light of the menacing clouds, and melody, typifies a small glimpse of happiness, I smiled. Not so bad, it turns out … and all these dark, depressive sounds already fed up. Yes, there were moments when I wanted to rewind the film, but I held back, no regrets as to miss a single word it would be a crime. In the end – I just saw the exact likeness of man’s sin, which surprised the current state of things I have to a lesser degree.



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