Splatter and Gore

Mad Cow

Mad Cow movie
Mad Cow movie Run time:
Mad Cow movie Rating: 4.9
Mad Cow movie Genres: Comedy,Horror
Mad Cow movie Director: Michael Wright, Michael J. Rix

Mad Cow movie Writers: Michael Wright, Funny How Films, Mirror Mountain Pictures

Mad Cow movie Stars: Craig Brown, Billy Bush, Angus Douglas

Mad Cow movie Year: 2010
Mad Cow movie Source: Mad Cow movie
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Gut Instincts

Gut Instincts movie
Gut Instincts movie Run time:
Gut Instincts movie Rating: 6.4
Gut Instincts movie Genres: Horror
Gut Instincts movie Director: Michelle Henderson
Gut Instincts movie Writers: Ari Blum, Shannon Casto, Little Oak Film Group

Gut Instincts movie Stars: Parrish Randall, Chad Thackston, Chani

Gut Instincts movie Year: 2012
Gut Instincts movie Source: Gut Instincts movie
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Art of Darkness

Art of Darkness movie
Art of Darkness movie Run time:
Art of Darkness movie Rating: 3.1
Art of Darkness movie Genres: Horror
Art of Darkness movie Director: Steve Laurence
Art of Darkness movie Writers: Ben Cannell, Martin Laurence, Falcon Productions, Hollywood Vision, Pinnacle Media

Art of Darkness movie Stars: Emily Baxter, Martin Laurence, Ryan Elliott

Art of Darkness movie Year: 2012
Art of Darkness movie Source: Art of Darkness movie
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Trophy Heads

Trophy Heads movie
Trophy Heads movie Run time:
Trophy Heads movie Rating: 4.8
Trophy Heads movie Genres: Horror
Trophy Heads movie Director: Charles Band
Trophy Heads movie Writers: Charles Band, Roger Barron, Full Moon Features

Trophy Heads movie Stars: Adam Noble Roberts, Maria Olsen, Brinke Stevens

Trophy Heads movie Year: 2014
Trophy Heads movie Source: Trophy Heads movie
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Horror Story

Horror Story movie
Horror Story movie Run time:
Horror Story movie Rating: 5.3
Horror Story movie Genres: Horror
Horror Story movie Director: Ayush Raina

Horror Story movie Writers: Mohan Azaad, Vikram Bhatt

Horror Story movie Stars: Aparna Bajpai, Ravish Desai, Karan Kundra

Horror Story movie Year: 2013
Horror Story movie Source: Horror Story movie
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Sadi-Scream movie
Sadi-Scream movie Run time: 5 Vol, ~72 min each
Sadi-Scream movie Rating: N/A
Sadi-Scream movie Genres: Horror, Hardcore
Sadi-Scream movie Director: Unknown

Sadi-Scream movie Writers: Unknown

Sadi-Scream movie Stars: Eri Sakuragi, Rina Himekawa, Mari Hida, Sakura Sakurada, Riku Shiina

Sadi-Scream movie Year: 2007
Sadi-Scream movie Source: N/A
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Found movie
Found movie Run time: 1h 43min
Found movie Rating: 5.9
Found movie Genres: Drama,Horror,Thriller
Found movie Director: Scott Schirmer

Found movie Writers: Todd Rigney, Scott Schirmer, Forbidden Films (II)

Found movie Stars: Gavin Brown, Ethan Philbeck, Phyllis Munro

Found movie Year: 2012
Found movie Source: Found movie
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Header movie
Header movie Run time: 1h 29min
Header movie Rating: 4.6
Header movie Genres: Comedy,Crime,Drama
Header movie Director: Archibald Flancranstin

Header movie Writers: Michael E. Kennedy, Edward Lee, Header, Mpyreal Entertainment

Header movie Stars: Jake Suffian, Elliot V. Kotek, Dick Mullaney

Header movie Year: 2006
Header movie Source: Header movie
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Maximum Violence

Maximum Violence movie
Maximum Violence movie Run time: 1h 18min
Maximum Violence movie Rating: 3.7
Maximum Violence movie Genres: Horror
Maximum Violence movie Director: Marcel Walz

Maximum Violence movie Writers: Marcel Walz

Maximum Violence movie Stars: Sandra Fleckenstein, Nina Faudt, Nadin Lucia Brehm

Maximum Violence movie Year: 2011
Maximum Violence movie Source: Maximum Violence movie
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Lost After Dark

Lost After Dark movie
Lost After Dark movie Run time: 1h 29min
Lost After Dark movie Rating: 4.8
Lost After Dark movie Genres: Horror
Lost After Dark movie Director: Ian Kessner

Lost After Dark movie Writers: Ian Kessner, Bo Ransdell, Goldrush Entertainment

Lost After Dark movie Stars: Sarah Fisher, Mark Wiebe, Jesse Camacho

Lost After Dark movie Year: 2015
Lost After Dark movie Source: Lost After Dark movie
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