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UFO Syndrome

UFO Syndrome movie
UFO Syndrome movie Run time: 1h 35min
UFO Syndrome movie Rating: 5.9
UFO Syndrome movie Genres: Documentary
UFO Syndrome movie Director: Richard Martin
UFO Syndrome movie Writers: Herbert L. Strock

UFO Syndrome movie Stars: Anthony Eisley

UFO Syndrome movie Year: 1980
UFO Syndrome movie Source: UFO Syndrome movie
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Vampira and Me

Vampira and Me movie
Vampira and Me movie Run time: 1h 46min
Vampira and Me movie Rating: 7.9
Vampira and Me movie Genres: Documentary
Vampira and Me movie Director: R.H. Greene
Vampira and Me movie Writers: R.H. Greene, Protagonist

Vampira and Me movie Stars: Dana Gould, Maila Nurmi, Gloria Pall

Vampira and Me movie Year: 2012
Vampira and Me movie Source: Vampira and Me movie
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Cam Girlz

Cam Girlz movie
Cam Girlz movie Run time: 1h 8min
Cam Girlz movie Rating: 6.3
Cam Girlz movie Genres: Documentary,Romance
Cam Girlz movie Director: Sean Dunne
Cam Girlz movie Stars: Kate Archer, Aella Martin

Cam Girlz movie Year: 2015
Cam Girlz movie Source: Cam Girlz movie
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Dirty Diaries

Dirty Diaries movie
Dirty Diaries movie Run time:
Dirty Diaries movie Rating: 4.7
Dirty Diaries movie Genres: Adult
Dirty Diaries movie Director: Ester Martin Bergsmark, Mia Engberg

Dirty Diaries movie Writers: Njutafilms, Story AB, Swedish Film Institute

Dirty Diaries movie Year: 2009
Dirty Diaries movie Source: Dirty Diaries movie
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Wisconsin Death Trip

Wisconsin Death Trip movie

  • Year: 1999
  • Duration: 78 min
  • Directed by:  James Marsh
  • Written by: Michael Lesy
  • Actors:  Ian Holm, Jeffrey Golden, Jo Vukelich
  • Language: English
  • Country: UK, USA
  • Also known as: Kuoleman loukko
  • Description: Strange, morbid, shocking documentary about a small town in Wisconsin during the 1890’s. Using real photographs, real newspaper headlines and staged re-enactments, this flick depicts a town full of insane people who commit suicide, murder, and arson on a regular basis, while claiming to be possessed by devils, haunted by ghosts, and terrorized by gun toting children on drugs.

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The Legend of the Witches

The Legend of the Witches movie

  • Year: 1970
  • Duration: 72 min
  • Directed by:  Malcolm Leigh
  • Writer: Malcolm Leigh
  • Language: English
  • Country: UK
  • Description: Documentary about witches and their history in the UK, featuring ‘real’ rituals, re-enactments, a visit to the Witch Museum in Cromwell, and lots of nudity! There is a rumor that a longer version exists, except no one can find it and it seems like a idea pulled straight from some troll’s ass. Besides, even at 72 minutes, this B/W doc seems interminable. Some fascinating bits, though.

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Manson Family Movies

Manson Family Movies movie
Manson Family Movies movie Run time:
Manson Family Movies movie Rating: 4.8
Manson Family Movies movie Genres: Horror
Manson Family Movies movie Director: John Aes-Nihil

Manson Family Movies movie Writers: John Aes-Nihil, Aes-Nihil Productions

Manson Family Movies movie Stars: Rick the Precious Dove, John Aes-Nihil, Katie Lazarus

Manson Family Movies movie Year: 1984
Manson Family Movies movie Source: Manson Family Movies movie
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Janis movie
Janis movie Run time:
Janis movie Rating: 7.9
Janis movie Genres: Documentary,Biography,Music
Janis movie Director: Howard Alk

Janis movie Writers: Howard Alk, Seaton Findlay, Crawley Films

Janis movie Stars: Janis Joplin, Peter Albin, Sam Andrew

Janis movie Year: 1974
Janis movie Source: Janis movie
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Blooded movie
Blooded movie Run time: 1h 20min
Blooded movie Rating: 4.2
Blooded movie Genres: Horror,Thriller
Blooded movie Director: Edward Boase

Blooded movie Writers: James Walker, Edward Boase, Magma Pictures, Ptarmigan ACP

Blooded movie Stars: Neil McDermott, Nick Ashdon, Mark Dexter

Blooded movie Year: 2011
Blooded movie Source: Blooded movie
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