Post Apocalyptic and Post-Apocalypse

Urban Warriors

Urban Warriors movie
Urban Warriors movie Run time:
Urban Warriors movie Rating: 4.0
Urban Warriors movie Genres: Action,Sci-Fi
Urban Warriors movie Director: Giuseppe Vari
Urban Warriors movie Writers: Piero Regnoli, Immagine Productions, Immagine S.r.l.

Urban Warriors movie Stars: Bruno Bilotta, Alex Vitale, Bjorn Hammer

Urban Warriors movie Year: 1987
Urban Warriors movie Source: Urban Warriors movie
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Apocalypse Rising

Apocalypse Rising movie
Apocalypse Rising movie Run time:
Apocalypse Rising movie Rating: 3.9
Apocalypse Rising movie Genres: Horror
Apocalypse Rising movie Director: Elliott Eddie
Apocalypse Rising movie Writers: Elliott Eddie, Grey Ghost Films

Apocalypse Rising movie Stars: Elliott Eddie, Vincent El, Shavonda Epps

Apocalypse Rising movie Year: 2008
Apocalypse Rising movie Source: Apocalypse Rising movie
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Deathlands movie
Deathlands movie Run time: 2h
Deathlands movie Rating: 3.6
Deathlands movie Genres: Action,Horror,Sci-Fi
Deathlands movie Director: Joshua Butler
Deathlands movie Writers: James Axler, Gabrielle G. Stanton, Amber Light Films Inc., Kinetic Pictures

Deathlands movie Stars: Vincent Spano, Jenya Lano, Colin Fox

Deathlands movie Year: 2003
Deathlands movie Source: Deathlands movie
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TC 2000

TC 2000 movie
TC 2000 movie Run time: 1h 31min
TC 2000 movie Rating: 4.4
TC 2000 movie Genres:Sci-Fi, Action, Martial Arts
TC 2000 movie Director: T.J. Scott
TC 2000 movie Writers: J. Stephen Maunder, Richard M. Samuels, Film One Productions, Film One, Shapiro-Glickenhaus Entertainment

TC 2000 movie Stars: Billy Blanks, Bolo Yeung, Jalal Merhi

TC 2000 movie Year: 1993
TC 2000 movie Source: TC 2000 movie
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Survivor movie
Survivor movie Run time: 1h 33min
Survivor movie Rating: 4.1
Survivor movie Genres: Action,Adventure,Fantasy
Survivor movie Director: John Lyde
Survivor movie Writers: John Lyde, Arrowstorm Entertainment, Mainstay Productions

Survivor movie Stars: Danielle Chuchran, Kevin Sorbo, Rocky Myers

Survivor movie Year: 2014
Survivor movie Source: Survivor movie
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Dust of War

Dust of War movie
Dust of War movie Run time:
Dust of War movie Rating: 3.7
Dust of War movie Genres: Action,Sci-Fi
Dust of War movie Director: Andrew Kightlinger
Dust of War movie Writers: Adam Emerson, Andrew Kightlinger, Cassiopeia Pictures, KandamarK, Labyrinth Films (II)

Dust of War movie Stars: Tony Todd, Steven Luke, Bates Wilder

Dust of War movie Year: 2013
Dust of War movie Source: Dust of War movie
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Dead Man Walking

Dead Man Walking movie
Dead Man Walking movie Run time: 1h 30min
Dead Man Walking movie Rating: 5.6
Dead Man Walking movie Genres: Action,Sci-Fi
Dead Man Walking movie Director: Gregory Dark
Dead Man Walking movie Writers: John Weidner, Rick Marx, Metropolis Pictures, Hit Films, Gernert / Brown

Dead Man Walking movie Stars: Wings Hauser, Brion James, Pamela Ludwig

Dead Man Walking movie Year: 1988
Dead Man Walking movie Source: Dead Man Walking movie
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