Ilsa: The Wicked Warden movie

Year: 1977

Duration: 01:34:15

Directed by: Jess Franco

Actors: Dyanne Thorne, Lina Romay, Tanya Busselier, Eric Falk, Jess Franco, Howard Maurer

Language: English

Country: USA | Switzerland | West Germany

Also known as: Greta: the Mad Butcher, Ilsa – Ultime perversion, Ilsa: Absolute Power, Greta the Torturer, Greta, huis zonder mannen, Greta, la donna bestia, Le pénitencier des femmes perverses, Ilsa la tortionnaire

Description: In South America, a badly beaten escaped inmate appeared at the porch of Dr. Arcos. The nude girl is telling about atrocities happening at the Las Palermas Clinic for Sexually Deviant Women. However, the calls of the doctor for an investigation went unheard, and he decided to leave the woman committed to the clinic. Meanwhile, the latter decides to investigate the disappearance of her sister.

At the top of the asylum is Ilsa holding a long bull whip. Besides, there is Juana running
a side business in cooperation with her colleague Drago, forcing prisoners into porno and
snuff movies. However, this doesn’t last for long, as the undercover Abbey is determined to
end up on Greta’s abuse. Within the process of torturing the girl’s sister, Greta reveals that
Dr. Arcos is responsible for the revolution and orders to kill the idealistic doctor in order
to trap Abbey inside the clinic. The movie also features an orgy of psychotic male inmates
raping and other intriguing stuff.

Another plot: Ilsa, in South America manages the clinic for wicked women – prostitutes, nymphomaniacs, lesbians. Patients living in a prison, subjected to physical and psychological tortures, and do not know that everything that happens within the walls of the clinic acts of sadism recorded on tape and sold to distributors of “snuff” films. In this hell hole under the guise of patient enters a journalist to gather the necessary material to cover the benches.

Review: This time to continue the story of Ilse took maniac known (in certain circles) for the master of exploitation and trash – Jesus Franco (Jesus Franco), why work quite considerably distant from the initial Novels Don Edmonds (Don Edmonds) for the benefit of a full transition to the theme of «woman in prison », that is, when a scenic and visual focus is on the female characters undergoing misadventures in captivity. It plunges the person on the other side of the screen in the mandatory set of clearly identifiable characteristics: collective showers, furious, sadistic guards, lesbian background, torture for breaking the rules, please do so in a new hot spot, and so on, and adds a distinctive feature of the productions of other Grindhouse.

Antiquities Franco is very much in terms of creativity, and it’s not in his role in the role of a doctor, or in the presence of his wife – a permanent actress Lina Romeo (Lina Romay – Angel Of Death 2 and Barbed Wire Dolls), which is, perhaps, the audience saw a naked more often than he, jokingly talking about her constant nudity in the frame, and that the story told in a non-uniform approach to myself, that is the story with the characters rather arbitrary when totally reigning eroticism, suspend, otherwise the background plan. Therefore, the scenario turns together with the clichéd (for who saw something in the key of «woman in prison») developments very minimal, which is not conducive to the development of spectator interest tracking of cases, very much eclipsed generous nudity and thematic perversion, well, or – attractive Taboo, who is here as relates to such things.

Regarding the “terrible” face following on the heels of the episode to episode and the surrounding halo maniac Ilsa, the director is markedly reduced this effect. No, of course, the script only has the on-screen sadism, which shows the closed clinic for different girls – miscarriages of who are bullied with all kinds of brainwashing shock therapy, secretly removing illegal snuff, and incidentally looking for revolutionary subversion of some unnamed South American country. However, as mentioned earlier in the text, erotic currently takes almost the entire running time, in small batches appear on the screen allowing the torture of terror. And visually, they are not so bloody in props than it used to, but not so weak, because once it comes to even the collective act of cannibalism.

If you analyze the main culprit of the day – Ilsa, now betrothed cleverly resourceful Greta Franco, then, as a character in a grotesque unchangeable by Dianne Thorne (Dyanne Thorne), the ideological left as if torn from the familiar soil and plunged into a painfully familiar world of the director, a feature which has seen can guess in advance from the first notes, that is, in the first frame. It is not that the villain seems superfluous, it just blends in with the “picture”, but compared to the first screen appearances here we see the chronological embossing with other characters figuring in the frame.

Summing up the consideration of the movie, you need to specify its special focus purely manual, which most viewers can not stomach because of one-sided and weak (conditional?) Naive art of drama, as well as because of the very poor quality of acting. In a continuation of the same on-screen adventures of Ilsa – movie quite well, knew how to keep the selected podzhanrovoy paths in the color of hot South American, but if let personal attitude to the statement, the result is not subjectively I liked, even with a solid understanding of its basic fundamental principle, which is too veiled eroticism (not elegant, quality, and “by Jesús Franco – Love Camp“), itself a core story, which is obliged to support the intrigue the viewer from the strings to the final.



Ilsa: The Wicked Warden