Barbed Wire Dolls

Year: 1975

Duration: 01:16:58

Directed by: Jess Franco

Actors: Lina Romay, Monika Swinn, Paul Muller, Roger Darton, Ronald Weiss, Martine Stedil, Eric Falk

Language: English

Country: Switzerland

Also known as: Frauengefängnis, Caged Women, Woman Caged , Women's Penitentiary IV , Jailhouse Wardress, Barbed Dolls

Description: Maria, fleeing from sexual harassment of her father, kills him. She is sentenced to imprisonment in a special section of the prison where the guard - a sadistic lesbian who knows no mercy and takes pleasure only from her work.

Review: Film Barbed Wire Dolls won't remain indifferent to anyone. Although their shot quite a lot. This topic and to this day remains neizbitoy. Beautiful black-haired woman, Miss Gypsy wife Jess Franco plays the main character of the movie, the beautiful, which escape the sexual harassment of his father (who, incidentally, played himself Jess Franco), killing him. Although beautiful Lina did not become a brilliant actress, her gorgeous naked body makes success inevitable. And the story itself is almost the same as in the other films of this genre with a bang tear clothes, knocked naked prisoner, anywhere, heart-rending cries, torture, rape, the victim in front of you with the power to push the legs, the guards seize it again and again, and inmates are raped all together. The plot of Frauengefängnis is very characteristic of the life of the Jess Franco, around whose name rose again the hype when they rescued from prison guy murdered his benefactor and escaped with a large sum of money. This is a great movie and is unlikely to impress someone izvivayuscheyasya nudity beautiful Lina, intimate place to which you connected the electrical wires. You will not regret watching this classic film Jess Franco ...




Barbed Wire Dolls