No Body Found movie

Year: 2010

Duration: 01:26:23

Directed by: Angela Lyons, Angela Rollo

Actors: Brad Champion, Richard L. Rollo, Keone Dent

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Touching Lives


The flick “No Body Found” unfolds as three different storylines: an apparent abduction in Orlando, two chicks travelling to Orlando for a job interview, and an old scary looking cowboy who kidnaps a gay dude who is trying really hard to portray a straight dude and usually failing (this may be because he’s either super super gay or a really bad actor or maybe he’s just gayer than average but a less than average actor; either way, in the future he’s either going to need to play gay dudes, become a better actor or tone down the homo). Anyway, while the chicks run around Orlando, the old scary dude tortures the gay dude. So it’s pretty much Hostel with a gay guy playing a straight guy but without the titties and it all happens in Florida.

In sum, it’s not great. Which is why it’s here.

I wanted to see this this owing to the ratings for this film on IMDB. IMDB reviewers think it’s awesome. However the overall rating on IMDB is a low 3.3.  A closer look at the demographics of reviewers reveals some interesting results.

Here’s what you get:

[X]  Torture by Tedium

[X]  A Job Interview

[X]  A Soundtrack Filled with Richard Rollo’s Friends

[X]  Torture by Uncomfortably Warm Barn

[X]  Chicks with Super Big Noses

[X]  Hanging Out at the Hotel Pool

[X]  Torture by Bolt Cutters

[X]  Shopping

[X]  Hanging Out in a Bar with Nina Diva

[X]  Torture by Filet Knife




No Body Found (2010)