Yo, 'El Vaquilla'

Year: 1985

Duration: 01:45:26

Directed by: José Antonio de la Loma hijo, José Antonio de la Loma 

Actors: Raúl García Losada, Teresa Giménez, Carmen de Lirio and Frank Braña

Language: Spanish (English subs)

Country: Spain

Also known as: 

Description: This film is dedicated to the children's age the most famous criminal of modern Spain - Juan Manuel Moreno Cuenca, better known by the nickname El Vaquilla. For him the thesis that "the rule of law in the country is not determined by the presence of thieves, but with the ability of the authorities to disarm them", alas, did not work ...



Yo, 'El Vaquilla' 1985

Yo, 'El Vaquilla' (English subs)