Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS movie

Year: 1975

Duration: 01:36:06

Directed by: Don Edmonds

Actors: Dyanne Thorne, Greg Knoph, Sandi Richman, JoJo Deville, Wolfgang Roehm, Tony Mumolo, Maria Marx

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Ilse hun-ulven fra SS, Le nazi était là, les ‘Gretchen’ aussi, Die Hündin von Liebeslager 7, Ilsa – SS:n naarassusi, Diastrofes se stratopedo sadiston

Description: In SS Nazi concentration camp, which runs by the brutal Fraulein Ilsa, soldeirs bring a new batch of prisoners. Over poor prisoned women Ilsa with helpers put brutal medical experiments, while men also have hard times. Ilsa tries in bed each of them. Ilse goal to prove that women are able to endure more pain and suffering than men, which means they can be allowed to fight at the front.

Review: As you know, the dawn of the seventies were all kinds of exploitation of many subjects, and considered this film from this number. Moving in the direction of «nazisploitation» and «sexexploitation», along with a little «woman in prison», production will be very much a textbook for an already familiar with the feature of these films made under the mandatory terms: a lot of naked actresses, no less diverse display bigotry and torture against them with background attributes of the hated swastika and sadistic killers wearing it on his hand. Of course, all of this is furnished in a very taxing way: be facing the camera people have the same talent litsedeyskim clumsy and awkward grace, a workaholic in the films “adult”, and the connection with the historical basis of what is happening and sanity completely broken. For example, demonstrated the SS mainly consist entirely of curvaceous sexy blonde beauties with whips (of course, in addition to sex and torture of nothing thinking), the usual Nazi soldiers have deliberately ugly faces and fashion for the 70 extra long hairstyles with sideburns, the prisoners’ tortured “girl strictly matched between the ages of 20 and 30, and” poor “men kept prisoners in the faces of such an expression, what happens when the Vilani-turns, but still find yourself on the hated tedious work day, but not in the concentration camp of the enemy.

It is difficult to say how the audience reacted, contemporary, during the premiere, when times were very different, and screen nudity with excesses of torture was far more provocative than it does now, but in any case, at that time (when the film became a hit), which is now – paramount and the same core fundamental. It consists of the previously mentioned areas operation, which obviously requires refer to the film as “a bad movie,” that is deliberately fashioned in “bad taste”, aspiring to the delight of some low-lying only in monosyllables, the most primitive emotions. Laurels intelligent, thoughtful, meaningful work, and the director did not want to win, and could not, therefore, consideration of broader framework Grindhouse movie does not tolerate being completely unmotivated silly, twisted, barbaric.

And that’s just purely through the prism of operation is the first story about the very same (religious or not, is debatable, as well as a special note of female attractiveness) Fraulein sadistic maniac “iron” Ilsa – the work is worthy for fans subgenre “scary” movies. Comedy inserts script does not provide, it is just too puffed up, casting everywhere and anywhere sinister entourage, but without a smile shown look difficult, because even without repeating a previously listed absurdities, divorced from reality, you experience a genuine interest to the borders especially perverted morality that prevails in removed the shed. The director is so drowned in the prescribed “zhutchayshey” utopia-screen Third Reich, that’s amazing some plot zigzags, a claim for any of the characters in the “cardboard” characters, and bloody aspect, where among the unimaginable torture actress topless with flowing hair slip logically finds hilarious with samples … electrical faloimitatorov. That is, the plot cooking in boiling water rights is somehow due to medical research, so to speak, in order to find the time to practice life of a soldier in the theoretical blaze tank on the battlefield, but why would he like theme “toy” – subject to a special director’s imagination. To the same military uniform main villain Ilse, whose neckline blouse comes up to the abdomen, with a constant glaze centering positive character-prisoner (of course resourceful American-Superman), along with a representative scale productions, where the prison camp consists of a pair of barracks, two studies in the laboratory and a dozen guards, crazed sexual perversions.

From all this it follows that to operate as a deliberately absurd cinematic take seriously not worth it, especially the moral and ethical “acute” especially provocative (for his age especially, are not so far removed from otgremevshey terrible war) theme of visual sadistic excesses of people in a Nazi uniform on the lame duck in a uniform – do not. However, as a distinctly dramatic film, but purely as entertainment internal primitive instincts, not without irony to the naivety of the authors lopsided creations, here it is possible to see the work. And let’s be honest, the screen Ilsa by Dianne Thorne (Dyanne Thorne) plays per answer, often turning on a plan horrible “picture” in the trash-inflated sketch with bulging eyes and grimacing lips of place.

This particle is irretrievably bygone era when such exploitation richly created and received its premiere in theaters. Approximately so purely and personally I am for this film, which became a franchise, by the way. This section of Grindhouse cinema history that deserves insight into their bosom, and let them full of absurdity, both in ideas and in the implementation.

Review #2: The European film industry in the 70 – is unwound, a huge number of sub-genres, the popularity of which at the time was extremely short-lived. Nazi – explotation, explotation, nonsplotation, giallo, WIP – not one of them “live” to our time, and it’s probably for the best, but most of them influenced modern cinema.

So sharpen their focus on the genre of WIP (women-in-prison). This specimen had no idea of ​​what myself – that sverhgenialnogo, and unusual, but on the contrary was, in my opinion only temporary, mediocre genre in movies intended for the then insanity viewer on sadiskih torture and perversion.

“Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS” to the one attributed not only WIP, here is piled in a heap and mixed as a Nazi – explotation, and explotation genres and all this mess diluted historical overtones.
The Second World is in full swing. The dusty road rides a truck with several women intended for the female concentration camp, which runs the Ilsa – a perverted sadist and totally sick man, that with pleasure nekryvaemym demonstrate the filmmakers …

If the film can be described by one word, it is just disgusting, it is almost impossible to watch and can only be of interest to quite frankly, sick people. In these films is not acting at all, and we need it?

Over one and a half hours the audience, “suckle” countless bloody abuses of women, sadistic perversions and absolutely disgusting (which picked up the actress for this role) Diana Thorne.

In the course of the film it seems that Don Edmonds was filming a movie only for myself, it makes far from flattering to think about the director. The film is not just for the face of common sense, but also in general mental health, what else to say I do not know.

In the genre of WIP (although it is not clear WIP) is the first film that I have seen, I must say the interest in it is lost forever. Nothing like that in their sickening perversion I had ever seen. Naiotvratitelneyshee movie to watch I do not recommend, although compared to some modern creations, he’s just resting.



Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS