Deviation movie

Year: 1971

Duration: 01:28:46

Directed by: José Ramón Larraz (as J.R.Larrath)

Actors: Karl Lanchbury, Lisbet Lundquist, Sibyla Grey

Language: English

Country: Sweden

Also known as: –

Description:After a romantic getaway Paul and his mistres Olivia return home.

As they pass a forest, a man comes running into the road and they swerve to avoid him.

They hit a tree and must spend a night at the house of a couple that comes to their aid.

Julian and Rebbecca are an odd couple that practice taxidermy.

During he night Paul feels like something is wrong and he goes to investigate.

He ends up involved in an experience of drugs and sex of which he does not come out alive.

Julian and Rebbecca then tell Olivia that Paul went back to London and start working on her to make her a part of their sexual deviations!

In his early thrillers Spaniard Jose Ramon Larraz with persistence worthy of a better cause, he developed the same plot: received severe psychological trauma of a woman transformed into the obsessive maniac. And the trigger for psychosis on the surface is sex. Here, however, already possible options: in his debut film “the Maelstrom” (“Whirlpool”) it was incest in the “Symptoms” (“Symptoms”) – a lesbian relationship, “Emma. Dark doors” (Emma, puertas oscuras”) – suppressed teenage desires. But in any case the normal sexuality of the characters of Larraza call was impossible. As every homebrew psychoanalyst explore the “normality” of the Director was not interested, but all sorts of deviation is always welcome! However, these studies were mainly pale and monotonous, but that’s how the gods of talent measured. Living on the same path to the Italian Alberto Cavallone, for example, got more clearly. But Larras not tossed around by the book sexologist, and stubbornly digging the same topic.

Actually, the “Deviation” could be called any of the first five films Spaniard (Yes even the “End of innocence” with “Stigmat” here to grab), but till this got the second film in his filmography taken as the debut “Pool” is not on the Pyrenees, where in the early 70’s with the censorship was still quite strictly, and in London. However, in the British Isles explicit erotic scene on the screen was not welcomed, so that the shooting took place under the auspices of the Swedish company “Saga Films. In Scandinavia with KioskCom was easier somehow, and producers are not required to remove orgiastic episodes in which formula “sex, drugs, rock’n roll” became visible embodiment. The last element in it, however, was Larras somehow not especially close, and wrote the soundtrack for the Stelvio Cipriani from rock music has always been distant, but together something like psychedelia here they have built. Although to the best works of Italian Maestro soundtrack to “Deviation” is clearly not the case.

Carrier, probably, too. Usual for such thrillers location of the night forest, the lost home, dark basements and things like that-W-zhasen” stuff removed like in the tutorial, nothing standing out from the multitude of similar as two water paintings. Yes and no on the operator delights Director staked. Woke up middle of the night in the forest house hero goes to wander him not to climax to get in the face “BU-u-u!!!”. Although about sacramental laws of the genre Larras trying not to forget. Poor Floor will fall exactly on the mystical Orgy that his hospitable hosts arrange in the basement of their home. And since the action is in addition to the erotic has a mystical aspect, the fate of the unfortunate strongly resembles the one that is usually prepared for poor lambs and minor heroes of horror movies. To tie the story you want to SACLANT that came to the foreground, already the main characters.

Larras and was not original. With this he has always been tight. Possessed hostess charming woodland estate, Rebecca can’t resist the view of sex men, then the poor man stops showing signs of life and is sent to the desktop of her brother Chechelnik. But how crazy couple tuhiwai remaining alone the girlfriend of the murdered reasons for its disappearance – borders already with brad. They say, went to the village car to be repaired. Day walks, two runs… Yes it is not becomes important. Turned to the perverted brother with sister in the object of sexual desires Olivia pumped heroin and is in euphoric dreams, while crazy family builds around her own intrigue, burdened by jealousy and attraction to Thanatos. All, how else grandpa Freud wrote, ” no newfangled theories.

How all this will end, in fact, already interested. Except that periodically appear in the frame of third parties (why?) will be sexually initiates obsessed with Rebecca. And Yes, you need all of these episodes to Larras, it seems, only in order not to leave the British censorship in the early 70’s the slightest chance to skip the movie. About the fact that someone will look at a picture in order to know what the outcome has prepared its authors in the final, no-one remembered. So put something utterly crushed and banal and quickly rounded. There’s nothing chew snot!

If the debut film Larraza felt certain atmosphere, pridacha “Maelstrom” Fleur of a forbidden fruit, which tasted was in full security to taste infernal poison, “Deviation” and the subsequent work of the Spaniard her completely dispelled. It was impossible for several years to do samplerate and hope for something more than a cult status among fans of thrash metal.



Deviation – 1971