The Dead Files movie

Year: 1990

Duration: 00:58:12

Directed by: N/A

Actors: N/A

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as:

Description: You like watching bitches get strangled? stabbed? shot? Of course you do. Oh OK OK, you sad, sick subhuman piece of shit
like to hide behind some vague veneer of plot and pretend to just be into 'gore films';
but  what you really want is just to see some bitches get fucked up. Fuck that 'skipping
through some fuckawful slasher to see 10 seconds of a tit getting hacked off' game. Here's
what you're fucking here for in its most unbridled, distilled form. There's no excuses
here, no lulz. Just bitches being deaded. It's what you want. Faggot.

But you at least wanna know how the bitches get offed? Wanna feign some fleeting sympathy
for dear Roxxi and Michelle? Figure you at least owe them bitches that? To express a pre-cum
drop of interest in their bitch lives and the grim circumstance of their bitch deaths? Well

This shit here is slapped together by two motherfucking snuffcore VETERANS, JohnM
(aka John Marshall)--who now runs the infamous PKF Studios--and Hank from Rue Morgue.
The shit's made of a few lil' vignettes and a zany blooper reel at the end, ya know
to keep things light.

*A Fester Strangle -- A bitch takes a bath and then gets strangled. Another meddling
bitch interferes, and also gets strangled. Beavis & Butthead can be heard playing in
the background, granting the scene much-needed ambience.

*Caligula -- Some historical drama bullshit I didn't pay attention too cuz I was too
busy watching a bitch get knifed.

*Day Tripper Night, Drag Her -- Some filthy bitch takes a shower, then takes a
subsequent tumble down the stairs, then gets dragged 'n' groped while that one song
from Home Alone plays.

*Hostage Crisis -- Some ignorant bitch pisses herself and tries to bribe her way outta
a jam. Spoiler: bitch gets shot dead.



The Dead Files 1990