It Waits movieIt Waits movie

Year:  2005

Duration:  1:27:39

Directed by:  Steven R. Monroe

Actors:  Cerina Vincent, Dominic Zamprogna, Greg Kean 

Language:  English

Country:  USA

Also known as:  Al acecho ,   Es lauert , Terreur en milieu hostile ,  Ti perimenei sto skotadi?                                 ,  Tykantis blogis


In the mountains of the national Park in mysterious circumstances missing tourists. Ranger to the rescue, but finds himself in mortal danger. The unknown predator is chasing a Ranger, ruining the nights campground.

It soon becomes obvious that this creature cannot be considered a beast. Ancient myths come to life. Prophecies of Indian warriors true. The unknown monster is not just chasing a man. He is waiting for him.

Initially when this film looked, I even did not finish until the end. He seemed boring and tedious. However, I decided to watch a few and then not regret it. The film itself is good, however there are some disadvantages.

The plot

In the mountains, one national Park missing tourists. Ranger sent to assist, but also finds himself in mortal danger. Some unknown creature pursues them and attacks the camp at night. As it turned out, the creature was in captivity for many years, until people disturb him and not let out.


It is the image of the character’s most impressive. I thought she was very similar to the famous monster of Diperta of Creepers. He also has huge wings and is similar in appearance. But the character is not at all the creepers. It is a demon. Or rather the spirit of ancient mythical creatures. This creature loves when a man experiences pain, suffering and fear. It not only pursues its prey, but waits for the victim to come. The vulnerability of the creature is that it does not like water, rain prefers to live in a cave.

The atmosphere

The atmosphere is not to say that it is very intense, but not weak. As the film continue to look, so interesting it becomes. Murder, blood, mutilated corpses all in the film. In the film there are scenes that should not see the faint of heart. The monster is not too often, but not enough.


Actors have such a good delight no one calls. Famous actors in the film. Acting itself is not memorable. However, Cerina Vincent who plays the role of Ranger, did very well especially at the end of the film.

The Director’s work

Steven R. Monroe is not a very famous Director. And the horrors shot them on a masterpiece do not pull. However, this film could endure. Here would cost a bit to tighten the atmosphere and the suspense. Also, I would like spectacular murders, and the more frequent presence of the monster.


In conclusion will be brief. The film is worth watching only for fans of horror. It is strictly forbidden to look nervous. Personally I liked the movie, although not giving the highest rating. However, everyone appreciates a movie on his own and after viewing the decision will be for you.



It Waits 2005