Faceless movie

Year: 1987

Duration: 01:43:49

Directed by:  Jesus Franco

Actors:   Helmut Berger, Brigitte Lahaie, Telly Savalas, Howard Vernon

Language: English

Country: Spain / France

Also known as: Dihos prosopo; I violentatori della notte; Les prédateurs de la nuit; Los depredadores de la noche

Description:  Pierre-Alexandre Buisson writes: "Franco at his best ?

I wouldn't say so. And I have many reasons to doubt it. Sure, the movie is
filled with great scenes. The gore-meter is about to explode, and the french
babes used here are worth a look. The story is also funny, breaking the incest
taboo, and the sleaze is not absent.

However, the style Franco incorporated in most of his 70's classics is totally
absent here. Sure, there is a reference to his beginnings, and this is a "kind
of" remake of THE AWFUL DR. ORLOFF, but I think I know what sounds dishonest with
that one.

It has been shot with a VERY big budget, and written by four guys, among which
Franco is NOT. And when the short spanish director does not have the last word,
let me assure you that his work is DENATURED. Sure the movie is excellent, but
this is NOT Franco. This is a guy called Jesus Manera directing someone else's
movie for money. To pay the rent. Hell, even Kojack is there !

I must say the ending confused me too. Was it an attempt to make the audience beg
for a sequel ? What's the point ? Overall a good movie, with some pure moments of
genius, that is worth the fuss you hear about. But let me tell you that this is
NOT representative of what Franco does and did."

And the plot: “Model named Barbara Hallen disappears … Her father hires a private detective Sam Morgan and sends him to find his daughter. Barbra traces lead to plastic surgery clinic of Dr. Flaman `Yes. Investigating detective slowly uncover the terrible secret that lies behind a good reputation of plastic surgery. Blood and organs of kidnapped young women … The closer Morgan in his unraveling, the more witnesses die gruesome deaths …”



Faceless 1987