Double Exposure movie

Year: 1983

Duration: 01:31:21

Directed by: William Byron Hillman

Actors:  Michael Callan, Joanna Pettet, James Stacy

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: La doble imagen del crimen, Murhaajan muotokuva, Déclics, A doppia esposizione, Model Killer, Drugie ujecie, O Homem de Duas Caras, Psycho-Killer

Description:This is a solid American thriller but naughtier than most, kind of like a DePalma flick or giallo. There’s a naughty photographer who likes to put his hands on the ladies, a psychiatrist, a double amputee brother, some mommy issues, some hot ladies, some mud wrestling, a gay photographer, and lots of bitches that get murdered.  Victoria Jackson has a bit roll as well.   More importantly, you get a few creative kills and titties.  Also, the naked females have a brown seemingly fur-like covering over their vaginas.  This must have been some sort of censorship going on in the 80s similar to the pixilation seen in Japanese flicks.  It’s weird, but an interesting artifact of the times.

This movie has a great cast, including Cleavon Little, Sally Kirkland, Pamela Hensley, Seymour Cassel, Robert Tessier, Victoria Jackson, Johanna Pettet, James Stacy (Flareup) and Michael Callan.  There should be a True Hollywood Story about Stacy.  Dude’s girlfriend gets killed and he becomes a double amputee when his motorcycle is hit by a drunk driver.  Nevertheless he returns to acting, sucking up all the good cripple rolls.  But in the mid-90s he Polanskis an 11 year old, flees to Hawaii, tries to kill himself by jumping off a cliff but fails, and gets six years in the slammer. And speaking of Polanski, Johanna Pettet also stars.  So you got six degrees of Polanksi all up in this bitch.

Here’s what you get:

  • Crippled Stunt Car Drivers
  • Death by Drowning
  • Mommy Issues
  • Lots of Dead Bitches
  • TITTIES!!!!
  • Death by Knife
  • Sluts
  • Scary Nightmares
  • Chicks with Strange Patches of Hair Between Their Legs
  • Head Shrinking
  • Death by Snake



Double Exposure 1983