Hardcore (2001) movie

Year: 2001

Duration: 01:02:27

Directed by: Stephen Walker

Actors: Robert Black, Mark Handel, Max Hardcore, Layla Jade, Lee-anne McQueen and Dick Nasty

Language: English

Country: UK

Also known as:

Description: Hardcore is a documentary film about pornography industry

“I remember when this was first broadcast, it lit up quite a bit of controversy on an internet group I was in at the time.. good to see it is still doing so.  It’s a very manipulative and disingenuous film.  No-one comes out of it with any grace, but Max Hardcore is particularly loathsome.  I actually sought out one of his tapes after watching this, so the anti-porn agenda failed dismally with me.  I didn’t like it very much, but each to his own I guess.”

“Seems very interesting.
Is porn degrading for women?
I think, not intrinsically, but in our society, it is. If marriage, childbirth and regular jobs are degrading, I think porn gives greater oportunities for that, for male abuse.
Although, theres always the other side of the coin watch The Naked Feminist, a doc on how some porn actresses fought for their and their fellow actresses rights on porn.”

“So in what way are you different to the film maker?
One thing is for sure, the film makers agenda is a positive one.
As much as you may like to ignore it, women DO get pushed into making decisions by intimidating men all the time in the porn industry, Cunts like Mr Hardcore love the fact that he can intimidate.
Don’t say oh she ticked the box so she deserved all she got…or she is a lying cunt. Is that your term for women usually, or just when they tell lies?
A major part of the porn industry is twats like hardcore, making fiklms that treat women like fucking animals. They present a world where men do what the fuck they like to women who should just shut up and take it.
Just because YOU like such shit doesn’t make it right…
What happened to the good old ‘porn’ of the 70s anyway?
You now, two people making love…?
Forget it.”



Hardcore 2001