Teensploitation genre

About the Teensploitation Films

Teensploitation films are those that exploit teenagers by making movies directed at them with plots involving sex, drugs, alcohol and crime. Here’s some fun facts for you, the word Teensploitation first appeared in a show business publication in 1982, but wasn’t included in the Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary until 2004.

Take a look at these three Teensploitation films:

River’s Edge (1986): A movie about a high school slacker that kills his girlfriend and then shows off her dead body to their friends. However, the friends’ reaction is almost as confusing and strange as the crime itself.

Revenge of The Cheerleaders (1976): In Aloha High California the cheerleaders run the school – they don’t attend classes, they have their own locker room, they have sex in the ladies room, they smoke pot in the gym and when state inspectors come to visit the school, the girls drug them.

Cruel Intentions (1999): Two step-siblings star in this sexy flick about seduction, revenge and conquest. After seducing and ruining the reputation of an innocent classmate, Kathryn poses the ultimate challenge to her stepbrother Sebastian: deflower the Headmaster’s daughter Annette. If he fails, Kathryn gets his 1956 jaguar convertible, but if he succeeds, Sebastain gets Kathryn.

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