Death Academy 2005

Year: 2005

Duration: 01:38:45

Directed by: Daniel Lehmussaari

Actors: Sigrid Josefsson, Oden Nilsson, Tomas Kärrstedt

Language: Swedish (English subs)

Country: Sweden

Also known as: Death Academy: Die Lehre vom Tod, School Night Massacre

Description: OK. Here's the story. Many years ago four students were killed by someone at one academy. This someone was arrested and sentenced to a prison. Much later some other students decided to take an interview from the "killer". He told them that he is innocent, and that the real killer, who is guilty in the student's death is the principal of this university.

So they decided to find the proof of his words and went to the academy one night. It was their big mistake.



Death Academy

English subs