Ebola Syndrome AKA Yi boh lai beng duk 1996

Year: 1996

Duration: 01:40:46

Directed by: Herman Yau

Actors: Anthony Wong Chau-Sang, Yeung Ming Wan and Fui-On Shing

Language: Cantonese | English (English subs)

Country: Hong Kong

Also known as: Yi boh lai beng duk, Ebola tünetek

Description: Film Ebola Syndrome begins with the fact that the protagonist A Kai comes to have fun with the wife of his boss. At the crucial moment then the boss returns home and, of course, finds lovebirds ...

Review: In 90th years of the last century, Herman Yau, appears to be in a creative search, preferring horror films, which have always been in the Eastern countries continued popularity, regardless of their quality.

However, in this way at Yau, oddly enough, things went pretty well. Suffice it to recall that he was one of the founding directors of the popular anthology "Night of the problem" (Hong Kong analog "Tales from the Crypt", "Creepshow" and similar horror stories.) But a year before he presented the world scandalous painting "Ebola Syndrome". The scandal, as we know from the history of show business, synonymous with popularity. Thus, Herman Yau has found its niche in the Asian film industry.

So, what is the film? The plot is simple. Once the "Six" Hong Kong triad named Kai, was caught for engaging in amorous pleasures with the wife of his boss. As a result, he kills the boss, his bodyguard and an adulterer first, leaving alive only little daughter of his mistress. Fearing retribution for the brutal massacre, Kai ran to Africa and settle in Yohanensburge, where he works as a cook for a pittance in a Chinese restaurant. 10 years of illegal residence make it a complete lunatic, obsessed with sexual offenses. Spitting into tea is one of the most innocuous of his entertainment of others to keep quiet. One day, in search of cheap meat, he was manager of the restaurant was going to one of the tribes of the Zulus. The fact that the tribe is dying before our eyes, due to an unknown illness does not bother them. Having bought pork, they come back home, on the road Kai rapes a dying native and infected the very same disease. However, it soon becomes clear that he is in fact an incredibly small percentage of carriers Ebola Syndrome, whose immune system does not allow the virus to kill it. Realizing all the perverted mind of its position, the chef starts the massacre of all who came his way, starting with the owners, while continuing to regale visitors with exquisite dishes from their victims, not forgetting the seasoning of their own excreta, which naturally leads to a terrible epidemic.

From director of The Untold Story

Crucial for us a perfect example of the Asian trash, with all its attributes. So people nervous and impressionable, please refrain from viewing this work. Fans of this genre of film is recommended, although there is very specific humor

The film " Ebola Syndrome " filmed in 1996 by the famous Hong Kong director Herman Yau and this picture is the brightest representative of trash . Filled to the brim with provocative scenes , the picture is in its artistic structure and a large proportion of a specific satire and black humor , showing a person in a very bad light , as being a wicked and violent , prone to incredible and uncontrollable aggression and exposed to all existing defects . The epitome of this allegory become heroes Anthony Wong Kai and Wang Yong Ming .



Ebola Syndrome

English subs