Death Wish 2 movie

Year: 1982

Duration: 01:27:56

Directed by: Michael Winner

Actors: Charles Bronson, Jill Ireland, Vincent Gardenia

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: El vengador anónimo 2, Bosszúvágy II., Der Mann ohne Gnade – Death Wish II, Desejo de Matar 2, Ektelestis horis oikto, El vengador anónimo II, En mand ser rødt II, Il giustiziere della notte 2, Nådeløs By 2, O Vingador da Noite, Smrtonosna želja 2, Un justicier dans la ville 2, Väkivallan vihollinen 2, Väkivallan vihollinen II, Våldets fiende 2, Vergelding zonder genade, Yo soy la justicia, Zyczenie smierci 2

Description: Architect Paul Kersey is back.  This time he is living a quiet life in  Los Angeles,  quiet that it
until a gang,  rape and murder his housemaid and kidnap, rape and eventually cause the death
of his daughter.  Time to don that black wooly hat and play vigilante again.  One by one he
tracks down and kills the gang members  whilst trying to hide his evening activities from the
authorities, his work mates and his new girlfriend.

Review: In the first minutes, making the panoramic flights over Los Angeles to the sound of the radio, warning of new outbreaks of violence in the city, the camera for a second stop at the sign “Hollywood.” It seems that the creators apologize in advance for a mediocre script, under the guise that it’s just a movie. But really, for all this small movie by time, there is a whole series of ridiculous, clichéd, and sometimes just wacky situations. This happens when the producers, forgetting about everything, want to revive the once-popular movie, in this situation, classic, reference revendzh-thriller “Death Wish” (1974). Situation is aggravated by the fact that the producer’s chair occupied by Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus, who financed mostly second-rate band.

Although, in their entire career as a producer, working with them as well, and very venerable directors. John Frankenheimer, John Cassavetes … British director Michael Winner never reached their level, but after all, has long been considered a pretty good craftsman, out of the hands of which was published a few decent bands, including the first part of the franchise about the adventures of Paul Kersey. But that’s only the second film “Death Wish” became his final departure in the category of second-rate movies, if not in terms of budget, then certainly in terms of artistic quality.

It’s hard to say what guided director, picking up almost avtoremeyk first film. But if the tape in 1974 seemed real human tragedy, by the will of fate became a hunter, the “Death Wish II» (1982) looks strained and silly. Like Paul Kersey born under an unlucky star, and all of his friends and family for some reason tend to die when, seemingly having found happiness. Moreover, all developed in the tradition of the first part, up to directing some of the scenes, it is enough to recall the attack by bandits on the house, which is almost identical to the attack episode from the first film. But in the background of these reps, it seems very strange that Bronson’s character has changed dramatically. Out of the dark, closed and thinking the killer, he suddenly turned into a cynical prankster.

Of the merits of the picture should be noted music Jimmy Page, who is involved in the film is not very successful, for which probably got her a nomination for the “Golden Raspberry”. Bronson tries to win back your character and all the silly script, but it does not come close to that level of psychological insight and intensity, which he achieved in the first film. Also nice set battle stage. And they once again emphasize that this opus Winner more dynamic fighter than urban thriller. All the same, except for staging combat episodes noted in general, and there is nothing. Unmarked tape is pretty standard in the tradition of film-Action 80. And the operator and director work out just a few moments.

In the year, and let the tape was a success at the box office, to a greater extent was still perceived negatively. However, this fact is not surprising. Taking the initially controversial material, the director manages to turn an event into pure farce. This is the farce of bad lying on the third film of the franchise – is also far from ideal. But at least there is felt a satirical beginning, that actually makes it up the work. Here everything is unstable – for satire “Death Wish II» is too serious for the drama – is foolish and comical. The result was a kind of speculative action. With its own advantages, but also with a huge number of disadvantages. However, despite this, in general, the tape is better than many paintings, produced by Golan and Globus, but if you go in comparison with the first film, or any eminent revendzh-thriller, the second part of the “Death Wish” is much inferior.

Review #2: After a very long time period of eight years, after an impressive success thriller “Death Wish”, its the same director Michael Winner decided to stage a direct continuation, which attracts the second time Mr. Bronson for the lead role leading litsedeya. And the filming process begins actively …

Almost from the very first minutes of the film, the viewer’s eye catches the undeniable fact that the extension was filmed exclusively for the sake of money. First, this says enough secondary plot. Second, the acting is simply no, even Bronson and he is not particularly strained, due to its simplicity, written character dialogue. Thirdly, the creators almost entirely disown the dramatic content and drawing the inner world of the protagonist, dissolving all in active operation of senseless violence, and constant action.

Fans of the original painting still continue to wonder, how it was possible to do so with the original? Are Winner and Bronson did not understand anything at all? Of course, this is not the case. On the contrary, they are inspired by the great success at the time the most popular paintings with Chuck Norris and Sylvester Stallone filmed his movie by their rules. The film is a truly dynamic, very brutal, and the main character was not only the ability to shoot without missing a single, but the ability to remain completely unmoved by enemy bullets under any circumstances. Even with such obvious advantages, this action was much weaker than the original, which, in addition to explosions and gunfire, and had more drama, and had a strong atmosphere of “live” characters.

In the end, “Death Wish 2” is from a pretty funny farce, filmed exclusively in the wake of the huge success of the first truly great film, but also because of the desire of Michael Winner and Charles Bronson off in front of the viewing audience. But despite all the shortcomings, the film is very good, and most importantly, to see it is quite a wonder.



Death Wish 2 1982