Assault and Rape on 69th Street

Year: 1991

Duration: 01:08:33

Directed by: Pablo Bellini

Actors: Silvia Peyrou, Reinaldo Alcaraz and Hector Araujo

Language: Spanish

Country: Argentina

Also known as: Asalto y violación en la calle 69

Description: WARNING! Tremendous rape scenes ever seen in Argentine cinema.

A psychopath, a gay and a lesbian are the attackers of a film producer. When a storm later decide the same company for a fact that they had about money that should pay a famous actress.
Surprised entire staff of three secretaries and a friend of hers, two employees, one bachelor widowed mother, who by circumstances of the theft has the possibility of raping Maribel (Silvia Peyrou) who always wanted.



Assault and Rape on 69th Street