Krull movie
Krull movie Run time:
Krull movie Rating: 6.0
Krull movie Genres: Action,Adventure,Fantasy
Krull movie Director: Peter Yates
Krull movie Writers: Stanford Sherman, Columbia Pictures Corporation, Barclays Mercantile Industrial Finance

Krull movie Stars: Ken Marshall, Lysette Anthony, Freddie Jones

Krull movie Year: 1983
Krull movie Source: Krull movie
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Camp Massacre

Camp Massacre movieFat Chance (original title)

Camp Massacre movie Run time:
Camp Massacre movie Rating: 5.0
Camp Massacre movie Genres: Comedy,Horror
Camp Massacre movie Director: Jim O’Rear, Daniel Emery Taylor
Camp Massacre movie Writers: Daniel Emery Taylor, Deviant Pictures II

Camp Massacre movie Stars: Jim O’Rear, Daniel Emery Taylor, Dick Warlock

Camp Massacre movie Year: 2014
Camp Massacre movie Source: Camp Massacre movie
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Art of Darkness

Art of Darkness movie
Art of Darkness movie Run time:
Art of Darkness movie Rating: 3.1
Art of Darkness movie Genres: Horror
Art of Darkness movie Director: Steve Laurence
Art of Darkness movie Writers: Ben Cannell, Martin Laurence, Falcon Productions, Hollywood Vision, Pinnacle Media

Art of Darkness movie Stars: Emily Baxter, Martin Laurence, Ryan Elliott

Art of Darkness movie Year: 2012
Art of Darkness movie Source: Art of Darkness movie
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Dark August

Dark August movie
Dark August movie Run time:
Dark August movie Rating: 4.8
Dark August movie Genres: Horror,Mystery,Thriller
Dark August movie Director: Martin Goldman
Dark August movie Writers: J.J. Barry, Martin Goldman, Raffia Productions

Dark August movie Stars: Kim Hunter, J.J. Barry, Carolyne Barry

Dark August movie Year: 1976
Dark August movie Source: Dark August movie
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Delitti movie
Delitti movie Run time:
Delitti movie Rating: 3.7
Delitti movie Genres: Thriller
Delitti movie Director: Giovanna Lenzi, Sergio Pastore
Delitti movie Writers: Giovanna Lenzi, Sergio Pastore, Cooperativa Mmezzogiorno Nuovo D’Italia

Delitti movie Stars: Saverio Vallone, Michela Miti, Tony Valente

Delitti movie Year: 1987
Delitti movie Source: Delitti movie
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Trophy Heads

Trophy Heads movie
Trophy Heads movie Run time:
Trophy Heads movie Rating: 4.8
Trophy Heads movie Genres: Horror
Trophy Heads movie Director: Charles Band
Trophy Heads movie Writers: Charles Band, Roger Barron, Full Moon Features

Trophy Heads movie Stars: Adam Noble Roberts, Maria Olsen, Brinke Stevens

Trophy Heads movie Year: 2014
Trophy Heads movie Source: Trophy Heads movie
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Chemical Peel

Chemical Peel movie
Chemical Peel movie Run time:
Chemical Peel movie Rating: 5.7
Chemical Peel movie Genres: Horror,Thriller
Chemical Peel movie Director: Hank Braxtan
Chemical Peel movie Writers: Dan Sinclair, Dan Sinclair, 17 Road

Chemical Peel movie Stars: Natalie Victoria, Arielle Brachfeld, Stephanie Greco

Chemical Peel movie Year: 2014
Chemical Peel movie Source: Chemical Peel movie
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Blood Revenge

Blood Revenge movie
Blood Revenge movie Run time:
Blood Revenge movie Rating: 4.4
Blood Revenge movie Genres: Action,Crime
Blood Revenge movie Director: Ross Otterman

Blood Revenge movie Writers: Ross Otterman, Vista Street Entertainment

Blood Revenge movie Stars: Chris Cuthrell, Kimberly Blair, Jean-Michel Richaud

Blood Revenge movie Year: 1998
Blood Revenge movie Source: Blood Revenge movie
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Mustang Sally

Mustang Sally movie
Mustang Sally movie Run time:
Mustang Sally movie Rating: 4.4
Mustang Sally movie Genres: Action,Horror,Thriller
Mustang Sally movie Director: Iren Koster
Mustang Sally movie Writers: Iren Koster, Mustang Sally LLC, Silvers/Koster Productions

Mustang Sally movie Stars: Elizabeth Daily, Lindsey Labrum, Mark Parrish

Mustang Sally movie Year: 2006
Mustang Sally movie Source: Mustang Sally movie
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City of Blood

City of Blood movie
City of Blood movie Run time:
City of Blood movie Rating: 3.1
City of Blood movie Genres: Drama,Horror
City of Blood movie Director: Darrell Roodt
City of Blood movie Writers: Mary-Ann Lindenstadt, Darrell Roodt, Anant Singh Production, Blood City Film (PTT) Ltd., Distant Horizon

City of Blood movie Stars: Joe Stewardson, Ian Yule, Ken Gampu

City of Blood movie Year: 1987
City of Blood movie Source: City of Blood movie
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