The Family

The Family movie
The Family movie Run time:
The Family movie Rating: 3.8
The Family movie Genres: Horror,Thriller
The Family movie Director: Joe Hollow, Wolfgang Meyer
The Family movie Writers: Joe Hollow, Hollow Films

The Family movie Stars: Mark Hanson, Joe Hollow, Angie Savage

The Family movie Year: 2011
The Family movie Source: The Family movie

Lizzie Borden’s Revenge

Lizzie Borden's Revenge movieLizzie Borden's Revenge movie (more…)

Death Machine

Death Machine movie
Death Machine movie Run time:
Death Machine movie Rating: 5.7
Death Machine movie Genres: Action,Horror,Sci-Fi
Death Machine movie Director: Stephen Norrington
Death Machine movie Writers: Stephen Norrington, Entertainment, Fugitive Features, Victor Company of Japan (JVC)

Death Machine movie Stars: Brad Dourif, Ely Pouget, William Hootkins

Death Machine movie Year: 1994
Death Machine movie Source: Death Machine movie


Animal movie
Animal movie Run time:
Animal movie Rating: 6.6
Animal movie Genres: Action,Crime,Drama
Animal movie Director: Toto Natividad
Animal movie Writers: Willy Laconsay, World Arts Cinema

Animal movie Stars: John Regala, Gardo Versoza, Via Veloso

Animal movie Year: 2004
Animal movie Source: Animal movie

Body and Soul

Body and Soul movieLjuba – Corpo e anima (original title)

Body and Soul movie Run time:
Body and Soul movie Rating: 3.6
Body and Soul movie Genres: Action
Body and Soul movie Director: Bruno Mattei
Body and Soul movie Writers: Bruno Mattei

Body and Soul movie Stars: Christine Dowell, Antonio Zequila, Valter Travor

Body and Soul movie Year: 1997
Body and Soul movie Source: Body and Soul movie

Dr. Wong’s Virtual Hell

Dr. Wong's Virtual Hell movie
Dr. Wong's Virtual Hell movie Run time:
Dr. Wong's Virtual Hell movie Rating: 2.7
Dr. Wong's Virtual Hell movie Genres: Crime,Fantasy,Horror
Dr. Wong's Virtual Hell movie Director: Jesús Franco
Dr. Wong's Virtual Hell movie Writers: Jesús Franco, One Shot Productions

Dr. Wong's Virtual Hell movie Stars: Jesús Franco, Analía Ivars, Howard Vernon

Dr. Wong's Virtual Hell movie Year: 1999
Dr. Wong's Virtual Hell movie Source: Dr. Wong's Virtual Hell movie


Killers movie
Killers movie Run time:
Killers movie Rating: 1.9
Killers movie Genres: Action,Horror,Thriller
Killers movie Director: David Michael Latt
Killers movie Writers: Steven Ramirez, Asylum, The, ICON Entertainment Media

Killers movie Stars: Kim Little, Paul Logan, Scott Carson

Killers movie Year: 1997
Killers movie Source: Killers movie

Private School Girls

Private School Girls movieGefährlicher Sex frühreifer Mädchen (original title)

Private School Girls movie Run time: 1h 25min
Private School Girls movie Rating: 4.8
Private School Girls movie Genres: Comedy
Private School Girls movie Director: Alois Brummer

Private School Girls movie Writers: Alois Brummer, Peter Kross

Private School Girls movie Stars: Jutta Dorn, Gabriel Duppel, Natascha

Private School Girls movie Year: 1972
Private School Girls movie Source: Private School Girls movie

Alive or Dead

Alive or Dead movie
Alive or Dead movie Run time:
Alive or Dead movie Rating: 3.1
Alive or Dead movie Genres: Horror
Alive or Dead movie Director: Stephen Goetsch
Alive or Dead movie Writers: Stephen Goetsch, Legacy Mill, The

Alive or Dead movie Stars: Ann Henson, Angelica May, Gretchen Busenitz

Alive or Dead movie Year: 2008
Alive or Dead movie Source: Alive or Dead movie

Creeping Crawling

Creeping Crawling movie
Creeping Crawling movie Run time:
Creeping Crawling movie Rating: 5.5
Creeping Crawling movie Genres: Horror
Creeping Crawling movie Director: Jon Russell Cring, Tracy Nichole Cring
Creeping Crawling movie Writers: Jon Russell Cring, Tracy Nichole Cring, Extra / Ordinary Film Project

Creeping Crawling movie Stars: Raine Brown, Kevin Craig West, Anna Shields

Creeping Crawling movie Year: 2012
Creeping Crawling movie Source: Creeping Crawling movie

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