Malizia 2000 AKA Malizia 2 Mila 1991

Year: 1991

Duration: 01:38:47

Directed by:  Salvatore Samperi

Actors:  Laura Antonelli, Turi Ferro and Roberto Alpi

Language: Italian

Country: Italy

Also known as: Malizia 2 Mila

Description: Her husband is too old - she is bored and wants to have fun. Why not get to know the guests at home a little bit better - an archaeologist and his son? But sometimes it is difficult for her to make out, with whom two of them to stay ... Starring Laura Antonelli (Malizia), directed by Salvatore Samperi (Dark Side of Love)

Review: The sixty Ignazio La Jug lives with the former waitress Angela, now his wife, in a luxurious villa. The young architect Lance Brown comes to you with a fifteen son Jimmy at the invitation of the Superintendent of Fine Arts is suspected, underground, in a tomb where Roger de Hauteville walled up alive Princess Aisha, guilty of not giving in to his passion . Jimmy, disturbed by mature thanks to Angela, who sleeps now separated from her husband, makes her a rose and find a ticket rather explicitly. Angela initially suspected the architect, then became convinced that the author of the letters in which the dashing suitor threatens to harm and even kill both the boy. He, revealing a twisted character at least, came to mutilate the father of a lobe of the ear, a finger and sfregiargli face cleverly simulating many accidents, in order to take up the morbid fiction. The excavations continue, as well as the misunderstandings, until Ignatius convinced by Jimmy at night to steal some precious finally discovered the tomb, is blocked by an explosion caused by the evil guy. Now is the opportunity to embody the hopes you'd expect, but when you enter the room of Angela, Jimmy lacks courage. She then consoles himself with the architect. But the arrival of the guests and the carousel of events, and the abandonment of Ignatius by the young secretary-lover shook the boring routine of mature couple, who, in parting from the guests, the agreement seems to have found a time.



Malizia 2000