Little Lips AKA Piccole labbra 1978

Year: 1978

Duration: 01:15:27

Directed by:  Mimmo Cattarinich

Actors: Pierre Clémenti, Katya Berger and Ugo Bologna

Language: English

Country: Spain | Italy

Also known as: Piccole labbra; Dipsasmena heili; Historia de Eva; Little Lips - Der zärtliche Tod; Pienet huulet

Description of little lips movie: The young writer (Pierre Clémenti from Sweet Movie) returns from war. He soon discovers that in home lives a young niece of house manager, which soon attracted his interest. Seeing her washing the feet on the river, he falls in love with a nymphet and constantly sees her having sex with him. While writer himself held back, the girl gave herself to more younger boy ...

«Piccole labbra» - the only film of the little-known Italian Mimmo Kattarinicha , simultaneously speaking here , and as a writer . Moreover, a very bad writer . I guess in many ways this fact can be explained by the fact that the output is something unimaginable and utterly false . And the difference is between the ages of two characters - this is not the most important thing and not the wild in this movie. Is not the most important thing.

Already in the beginning of the film , before the meeting of the two main characters , it was easy to guess what will be the end of the story , the good, the main argument is patiently waiting for his fateful hour in a drawer . The main effect of the picture - it was another unsuccessful attempt was made to Nabokov's cinema theme. Why is unsuccessful ? Yes, because it is terribly far from reality. Of course, everyone 's your vision , your goals. And his mistakes ...

Fourteen-year (!) Fraulein Katya Berger tried her best to be an adult , forgetting what was expected of her waiting - to be frank and direct , and it strongly ruined his debut role. Sometimes it seems that it is at least a month spent in a brothel , its behavior is almost vulgar and not typical of parents who lost girl who is loving uncle and aunt .

The character played by Pierre Clemente - very comical . Not tragicomic , and comical . And more - the worse it looks unnatural of comedy , is not sincere , and accumulated as a means to hide their own powerlessness in the face of normal girls . From the beginning to the end of the movie, he wears on his face the same kitonovskuyu mask opacity and does not express any emotion . Metamorphosis occurred to him after meeting with Eve , barely noticeable. Is a cardboard character . If you want to see a real Clemente Pier , look at his earlier work , " pacifist ", for example .

«Piccole labbra» apparently does not even reach the average level of underground cinema. And the "merit " in this entirely hapless director - screenwriter Katarinicha for which , in the language of tautology , the first trial was shoddy .



Little Lips 1978