Live Feed movie

Year: 2006

Duration: 01:21:07

Directed by: Ryan Nicholson

Actors: Kevan Ohtsji, Taayla Markell, Stephen Chang, Colin Foo

Language: English

Country: Canada

Also known as: Kafto aima, Pasto umano

Description:The film “Live Feed” is about a group of American students who rode to China. In search of thrills they came to the brothel, which entertains customers by tortures of young women to death and offers taste of human flesh. Students are caught by the triad comprising this place and try to stay alive …

Directed by Ryan Nicholson, who also filmed Gutterballs and Torched

Review: Group of young guys going to China, a break from the everyday hustle and bustle. But something they arrived in a remote place. Where the mafia and mafia crap the same hotel and the whole area as a whole. Himself a mafia leader pervert who likes to watch the killing of people in real time, and yet he is not averse to eat freshly authorities have recently run around tourists.

In general, China is the normal place, I do not understand how they has managed to call in a poor neighborhood. It’s still necessary to try to find a place – in other words, not just blatant credibility. Then I do not understand where a police officer was killed, the tourists have gone there, and no one itches to find them all and violet, which filled up the policeman. It is known that in China in terms of harsh laws that the mafia is sitting below the grass and beeps. And it is hard to believe that the mafia will steer the entire areas although it is still okay acceptable. But, at the same time bring down police quietly in his eatery bust, I’m not talking about what they do with tourists.

Beginning of the film as well as its approximate middle of a terribly boring, a group of people go wandering the crap district wanders the brothels and clubs in the same crap. Themselves guys mind do not shine, but shine with knowledge of foul language. Since every second sentence are flashed mats and similar words parasites. Moreover zabredut again in a crap hotel, which will be on the big screen TV on the go porn, they are watching and inspired by what they saw themselves will want to make a porn. But choose strange places – one would deal with the crap in the toilet others in filthy room.

The film Live Feed is worth paying attention to, perhaps, only how to kill these hapless guys. Perverts, murderers, and the children concerned. Remember the scene where the girl’s mouth tucked into a transparent tube and the tube will descend into the body of a snake. These are the subtle little people. But with the visual side effects not very high quality. For 2006 and could be better than that.

The film Live Feed itself looks like something “Hostel”, the young people decided to relax and have not found a better place to go to China, only in the “Hostel” was less exotic country, the good old Slovakia. Then wandered into the obscure wilderness where all soiled and the terms of a suspicious person in addition to the Mafia, here right place for tourism, and! Getting worried young people fooling around, freezes vulgar and stupid jokes and besides boobs sex and nothing else does not think including their safety. Then tomfoolery comes to an end when the mafia or who they are there, at last, thought up to chop these passing tourists.

In general, shitty film. The camera work leaves much to be desired, as the camera jumps like a basketball ball and focus on a single frame problem. Actors are not too pleased, it seems that gained by passing people and asked just to hang out near the crap scenery. Special effects for the year 2006 could and should have done better, then I might have finished watching the movie and to the end.

Another review of this flick: Group of carefree American students sent to rest and come off at full speed in China. In search of extreme sensations, our heroes went to the local brothel sinister-looking, not hearing or simply not having the voice of self-preservation. Very soon after this rashness they had to pay.

The film “Live food”, filmed in 2006 by the Canadian horror director Ryan Nicholson, as the synopsis is a direct product of “Hostel”, however, considerably surpassing a picture of Eli Roth on the degree of openness in showing violence in the film. The very same film, running time of only 77 minutes, remove the operator Sasha Popov in dirty and repulsive manner, the main action of the film takes place mostly in a nasty slums, and a torture chamber with the first frame of disgust and horror, as well as highly original in its cruelty and perversity of violent scenes taken quite realistic and grim gore-style. Of course, in the film, in addition to the brutal stuffing, there is a non-trivial moral values ​​of the instinct of self-preservation and to the viewer And this simple idea is brought at once.

The cast of the painting does not possess the presence of star names, but little-known Canadian young actors playing quite well in the film, even though they created the characters are very typical of the horror genre and a particular pity they, unfortunately, do not cause, because their actions are perfectly confirmed the truth of the proverb “Not knowing ford – do not stick your nose in the water.”

Dark and sticky atmosphere created in the film perfectly written by composer Patrick Coble soundtrack.

So, if you liking “Hostel” and variations of this picture, and then the film “Living food” should not disappoint you and even impress.



Live Feed 2006