Closet Land movie

Year: 1991

Duration: 01:32:29

Directed by: Radha Bharadwaj

Actors: Alan Rickman, Madelaine Stowe

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Tierra de armarios

Description: Somewhere in a nameless country, young writer of children’s books pulled out of bed in the middle of the night. When the eye patch is removed, she is facing a ruthless government investigator who demands that she confessed in subversive activities in her books. Thus begins a nightmare …

Review: “The country is in the closet” for me has become a desktop film. It is heavy, hard, but does not leave a feeling of depression or unpleasant residue. Although I have heard the opinion of man, who claimed that this movie is almost forced to fall into a depression, most of these thoughts never occurred. History of the struggle against the young writer of a totalitarian government, personified by the investigator, the impressive and absorbs. If in the beginning of the film borders between antagonists seen clearly, then to the final, they (the border) gradually disappear, and it is hard to figure out who is the hunter who prey … Both characters are nameless. State the same care and their servants and ordinary citizens. You can be useful to the Government and to feel for the force, but it is an illusory power. You can be a law-abiding citizen, and feel safe, but the safe – a fiction. The only thing a man can have this – its inner core, his strength of will, strength of character and clear convictions. A person always has a choice – how to behave in a given situation.

Acting in this film is peerless. Madeline Stowe and Alan Rickman – their game and a half hours does not give the viewer relax. We can only guess how much effort it cost to actors. Minimalist décor, the actor always in mind – not in a single frame can not play carelessly. Highest score masters!

Special thanks to the musical accompaniment. No, do not tell, and once again listen and admire – the music (in this case you do not want to use the word “soundtrack”) is amazing.

The film is about all of us and all of us. Worth a look.

Review #2: A delightful film, it would seem, with simple decorations, but so much play on the contrast of geometric figures and black-and-white color scheme.

Great game actors, ambiguous behavior of the hero of Alan Rickman – violence and pardon. And to do with this character, respectively – on one hand – an aversion to cruelty and torture, but at the same time, this character is fascinating with its philosophical thoughts and, of course, charisma. And sometimes it seems that he does not want to hurt the girl. Such behavior is confusing and fascinating.

Madeleine Stowe sweet and fragile girl in a simple white nightgown, so insecure, from trauma from childhood, which she hid in a closet in the country, but such a strong and stable inside.

This film is compelling not only reflect, and causing a feel for how important faith belief importance own “I”, as it is important not to live a lie, how important freedom for man.

A film Closet Land that no one has the right to subject any person to physical or moral torture that everyone should have the right to freedom, and that, unfortunately, people are not protected from the violence that an adult or what no different from a small child, an adult person is helpless before the power, politics and the system as a helpless child to indifference, cruelty and violence.

And, of course, I would like to note music, so much supplementing every action that takes place in the film.

The film Closet Land, which is just two actors and minimalist décor, but the point in the film, the acting, the frames and dialogs, and create an impressive picture.

Always worth a look at this film.



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Closet Land