Suspiria movie

Year: 1977

Duration: 01:38:26

Directed by:  Dario Argento

Actors: Jessica Harper, Stefania Casini, Flavio Bucci

Language: English

Country: Italy

Also known as: Alarido, Chock House, Dario Argento’s Suspiria, Flykten från helvetet, Odglosy, Sóhajok, Sasupiria, Suspiria – In den Krallen des Bösen, Suspiria – tappavat huokaukset

Description: Young American Susie arrives in Germany to learn the skill of dance in the old Roman ballet school. On the night of her arrival for some reason she was not allowed, but she could see how from the school ran a girl who on the same night will be brutally murdered. On the next morning the misunderstanding is resolved, Susie was accepted, and she will start learning. She was forced to stay and live in a boarding house at the school, in the night she will drink wine laced with sleeping pills, but she still feels the school is in the air mystical threat and want to find out what it is threatened …

Review: The film “Suspiria” is the undisputed masterpiece of its genre. And in this movie, literally everything shows up. Starting from the atmosphere and ending with music and acting. And more is necessary to notice that the film “Suspiriya” is the first part of a trilogy about the three “mothers-witches.”


The film Suspiria is set in the old Roman ballet school, located in Germany. The main character a girl named Susie, come will learn the skill of dance. At night, when Susie arrived, she was not allowed. However, she had seen a girl ran in fear of the school, which was later brutally murdered. The next morning Woman admitted to the school and she starts classes. Her forced to stay and live in the school, and at night give to drink wine with sleeping pills. However, she still feels a mysterious force threatening her until decides to find out what was going on in the school.

Methods of horror

The film has several frightening but at the same time fascinating techniques:

1. At the very beginning of the film is the brutal murder of a girl. And murder happens at night, when there are some strange and frightening sounds.

2. Suddenly appeared worms. They are everywhere! All this will also put a damper on the viewer.

3. A dog that is fearful and strange behavior.

But the most frightening you will see at the end of the movie.


The atmosphere is really pleased. And it will be on their toes to keep from the beginning to the end. The film constantly heard some strange and frightening sounds. Still very impressed with the music that keeps the viewer in even more suspense. Murder and cruelty are also available.

The acting

Acting is also very impressive. First of all I want to say a word of praise for Jessica Harper. That she played a girl Susie. Which throughout the film reveals the secrets of the school. As for the other actors, they have shown themselves quite well, too, but I will not enumerate all. All that you see as watching a movie.

Director’s work

Dario Argento’s really commendable. This movie combines all that is necessary to a good horror movie: the tense atmosphere, high suspense, brutal and bloody scenes, good acting, constantly playing scary music, a lot of all sorts of surprises.

And it is not only high-quality film Argento. It is worth remembering also the film “The Phenomenon.” The film is similar to the film “Suspiria” in its action and script. Which also combines a tense atmosphere, a lot of all sorts of supernatural surprises, good acting, and what I liked the most – it’s an ugly child present at the end of the movie.


In conclusion, I will be brief. This is a masterpiece! If you’re a horror movie that does not get around the party. And when you watch this film, then do not forget to watch the film “Underworld” and “Mother of Tears”. Which also removed Dario Argento. And after watching all those movies you already see the entire trilogy of the three “mothers-witches.”

Review: “Suspiria” – one of the milestone in the work of art as Dario Argento (Blackaria and Two Evil Eyes), and in the history of the whole genre. If now from the maestro is difficult to wait for an intelligible spectacle, in the 70s and early 80s he was in his best form. After the success of “blood-red” director began his famous trilogy “Three Mothers” and begin this fascinating series with the provided tape.

The plot is simple – a young ballerina coming to an old ballet academy of Freiburg, where he became a witness of unpleasant and strange events. Meanwhile, other students are lost … Yes, you’re absolutely right, this is where the roots are growing and the masterpiece of the “Black Swan”, but Argento’s collaborations with his companion and lover – actress and scriptwriter Nikolodi Daria, who wrote the script, I decided to catch up with mysticism. In contrast to the later “Underworld”, where the plot was of secondary importance, is available in quite a sensible script. As argued by Dario himself, he says, usually in times of emotional stress, the fear, the temperature of a person jumps to 37, and he wished that she had jumped to 40. The kid said, the boy did. At that time, the combination of psychedelic visuals, brutal death scenes, as well as a brilliant job with the sound effects, for which he thanks a talented group of guys “Goblin”, who created one of the most recognizable themes in the world of horror, brought exactly the result which counted on the author . It is said that the director was laughing like unto a child, when people ran out of the room, shocked by what he saw.



Suspiria 1977