Beasties movie

Year: 1991

Duration: 01:23:06

Directed by: Steven Paul Contreras (as Steve Contreras)

Actors: Eric C. Bushman, Denise Mora, James Jefferies

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: The Bionaut (bootleg title)

Description: Nelson is making out with his girlfriend when the Beasties attack.

They are a demon-like race of aliens that prey on teenage couples.

Nelson barely escapes only to be persecuted by the Villains, a group of punks that started a cult to the Beasties and that are convinced that Nelson is the person that will bring down the race of aliens.

A group of young couples discover what they believe to be an alien spaceship. Science lover Nelson and his girlfriend split up from the rest to investigate the ship and retrieve an egg from it. Meanwhile the rest of the group seeks police help, but they are not believed! On the loose are small vicious creatures attacking people at the same time a mysterious powerful man called Osires has a cult of punks trying to capture Nelson, who Osires believes is his only obstacle to world domination.

Features a punks vs jocks gang fight, and a catfight to the death, winner gets ritually sacrificed!

A very strange and unique movie, I believe it was actually made in 1989, and it possesses an 80s vibe to it and definitely looks 80s. It’s plot gets more complicated and has more to it than you think.

Only 200 VHS copies were ever made before discontinuation of its VHS release. A limited online only DVD release occured a few years ago but it is also long out of print and rare.

On the front of the box, it says, “from the creators of Creepozoids

An interesting note, the working title of the thematically similiar Ghoulies  was Beasties.

Selected quotes:

“What if he got some kind of alien virus, that takes over your body, and you come back to life as some bitchin’ zombie?!”

“Now look, you got me on the edge of my seat with your fuckin’ story, your a regular Alfred Limpcock.”

“That’s why I like you babe, you’ve got guts, I like a bitch with guts…man the way you blew the shit outta one of my boys was great.”

“Bitch thinks she’s Hank Aaron.”



Beasties – 1991