Wild Child movie

Year: 1991

Duration: 01:29:42

Directed by: Dominique Moreau

Actors: Missy Warner, Trystan Moore, Crystal Breeze

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Infatuation


Ahhhhhh…….the early 90’s! Girls with big hair, big boobs, and contrary to the going

theory these days of nice cabooses,…….girls whose asses aren’t as wide as ’54 Buicks.

Missy Warner foot the bill on all of these and then some. Made in the same year, (1991)

that she also appeared in “Bikini Summer”, Missy gets the lead in this movie, about a girl

that finally gets her big break in Hollywood, and lands herself a TV role. To celebrate, she

decides to throw a big shindig, and invite all of her old buddies from her home town to come

visit and party with her. Of course she’s gonna have a bunch of good lookin’ friends, and

with the likes of Crystal Breeze, Kristi Ducati, and many others, the eye candy is abundant

here. Of course it’s no fun having a bag full of candy if you don’t get to eat any, so the

bare skin and sex and just about as abundant. All in all…….just enough of a story to say

there was one, and enough early 90’s softcore candy to go around for everyone. I’ve never

seen it, but this movie was supposed to have had a hard core version released for cable. Dunno

about that for sure, but this one sure worked for me……..enjoy