Trauma movie

Year: 1993

Duration: 01:42:01

Directed by: Dario Argento

Actors: Christopher Rydell, Asia Argento, Piper Laurie

Language: English

Country: Italy | USA

Also known as: Aura, Aura’s Enigma, Dario Argento’s Trauma

Description: Dysfunctional occultist family raises crazy anorexic chick with daddy issues; exacerbated by a father who likes to film her naked.  Many people get beheaded.  It’s all very traumatic.  Not Argento’s best, but far from his worst.   With a better soundtrack and a little more gore it could have been great.  And average Argento is better than the good stuff from the other guys so it’s definitely worth a watch.

While watching Traumafilm you will see:

  • Crazy ass murder instrument
  • Occult zaniness
  • Daddy/daughter tittyfest
  • Brad Dourif
  • Inexplicable inclusion of creepy animals
  • Decent gore.

Somewhere in the vicinity of Minneapolis Serial Killer nicknamed the bounty hunter mercilessly smash his victims by cutting off their heads sophisticated way. Aura is at the center of events when her parents are the new victims of a bounty hunter. Together with David in love with her she is on the trail of the killer. Everything points to psychiatrist Dr. Judd Aura …

Review: “Trauma” Argento (Suspiria and Wax Mask) very good movie, even more – a very good film. Viewing received very positive experience, too much logic, naturally, he does not suffer, however, like most films of this genre, but the degree of tension holding correctly.

The entire film takes place against the background of the crimes of serial serial killer, known as the “bounty hunter”, as this character is first paralyzes the victim, and then immobilized by accident separates the head from the body through the mechanism of amusing … and picks up his head as a souvenir. And the reason is valid only when there is rain, it seems, for the sake of a more romantic mood. The police normally can not catch him, and the fate of some smooth way passed on to capture a teenage girl Aura. Aura parents just killed a bounty hunter, but little of this – so much for it yet and the doctors are hunting from a psychiatric clinic, as Aura anorexic (by the way, that anorexia seemed suspiciously similar to bulimia, however – not the point). After escaping from everyone and everything she meets David, who penetrated to her liking and is trying to help, as a matter between the killer does not sleep …

Despite the fact that the “injury” in general, there is no particularly notable items, she looked with great interest, thanks to the competent filing storyline and excellent atmosphere. The identity and motives of the killers as instituted in Argento’s films are revealed only in the climactic ending, but about the identity of the killer is not so difficult to guess, but the intrigue is still quite good, but the motives surprised.

Woman Aura played a superb Asia Argento (New Rose Hotel), daughter of the maestro, and it is worth noting that in this role she liked me very simply charming. For her character interesting to watch, to empathize, and also did very well the actor who played David (Christopher Rydell) – a very pleasant character, but in tandem they are just great. On the acting game can not complain too much, just some murder scenes look slightly cartoonish, so very diligently sacrifices wheezing and beating his eyes, but it can be overcome.

The furnishings and decorations set up for a quiet relaxing home series at the same time with a touch vague anxiety, as if a cloud obscures the sun for a few moments, a sense of peace with the feeling, as if about to happen fracture and not for the better. A little sensuality, a little bit of psychology, the theme of revenge, terrible secret of a narrow circle of people, and two Wandering for solving the mystery. Yet, with the atmosphere of the film very well.

Whatever may be said, but “Trauma” I definitely liked the action takes place peacefully, but hold the viewer’s attention, though the genre film can be attributed to a good thriller. There is a little horror, particularly the revolution also nothing there, but the “trauma” I definitely reconsider.



Trauma (1993)