Off Limits movie

Year: 1988

Duration: 01:42:01

Directed by: Christopher Crowe

Actors: Willem Dafoe, Gregory Hines, Fred Ward

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Saigon, Inferno em Saigão, Pera apo ta oria, Saigón, Saigón, el infierno del silencio, Saigon – A tiltott zóna, Saigon – Império da Violência, Saigon – ett helvete för snutar, Saigon – kahden poliisin helvetti, Saigon, l’enfer pour deux flics, Saigon: Off Limits, Saygon

Description: Dafoe and Hines are MP Investigators in Saigon during the Vietnam War investigating a series of grisly prostitute murders. Amanda Pays is a nun who works with the prostitutes and provides information regarding the murders. It’s apparent that the killer is an officer who doesn’t mind killing soldiers, investigators and nuns to cover his tracks. 

It’s basically a gritty psycho killer thriller but the setting in Vietnam during the war is a nice touch.  A very good flick with a great cast.

Here’s what you will get, while watching the “Off Limits”

  • Hookers
  • Soldiers
  • MURDER!!!
  • Wacko Serial Killer
  • David Keith’s Teeth
  • Amanda Pays in a Habit
  • Fully Automatic Weaponry

Review: End of the 60’s. The Vietnam War is in full swing. Meanwhile, in the heart of Saigon, is a series of brutal murders, the victims: Vietnamese prostitutes who once gave birth to the American soldiers. But the investigation should not take the local authorities, and the Americans, as found at the crime scene evidence pointing to the involvement of the offense, it was an American soldier. Two U.S. military police begin searching for the killer …

In the history of every world power has dark spots and it left such a mark in the history of the U.S. War in Vietnam – true friend, perhaps, everyone. Just on the background of the tragic events of those years, and the action is a little-known paintings we director Christopher Crowe. At its core, “lawlessness” – a detective thriller, whose heroes, despite hostility of the local population and the indifference of the higher ranks of their own country, trying to face down a man imagines himself Punisher. After the war blurred the line between forced, and cold-blooded murder justified deprivation of life – be a man in such circumstances and the time frame is very difficult, but to be a real beast – easy, too great a temptation, when there is blood all around and so easy to get away with it.

Meanwhile, with the trappings of detective fiction, the full order here: there are cops that are catching up, a killer who escapes, unexpected plot twists, chases and skillfully built according to the logical chain of investigation – the main characters are worn like a scalded around Saigon in search of the truth. The only disadvantage of this exciting band is the fact that quite experienced in these paintings the viewer to easily determine the identity of the perpetrator himself long before the end credits, and it can not hurt. To cast as much a pleasure to see: while still quite young and energetic Willem Dafoe, which perfectly complements the irascible and brash Gregory Hines. Vivid in his screen image brained Keith David, who seems, by definition is not removed in continuous films and also blistatelen Scott Glenn as polusvihnuvshegosya and cruel warriors.

Outcome: safely forgotten amid modern mindless blockbusters, exciting detective tape with a decent cast that will not disappoint any fan of Hollywood cinema of the late 80’s, early 90-ies.



Off Limits 1988