Blue Note movie

Year: 1991

Duration: 02:06:22

Directed by: Andrzej Zulawski

Actors: Marie_France Pisier , Janusz Olejiniczag  , Sophie Marceau

Language: French (Hard English Subed)

Country: French-Germany

Also known as: A Nota Azul, La note bleue,


A film “La note bleue” about the French writer George Sand and Frederic Chopin , their love and their breakup .

The film “Blue Note” could be called ” A day in the life of leisure .” 1846 … The Baroness Dyudevan , better known by the name of George Sand , in his estate gathers people he loves .

What kind of people gathered there . Oh! Russian writer Ivan Turgenev , a famous singer Pauline Viardot , painter Eugène Delacroix , a French writer Alexander Dumas and, of course , Frederic Chopin . All , as the selection , genius .

Film Blue Note shows their relationship , their conversations , their behavior .

And it would be nice if there was shooting another film director, and not by Andrzej Zulawski . And this particular director . He does not know how to shoot a movie . He likes to shoot , so to speak, cartoon movies. And the movie “Farewell message” (he has called the ” Blue Note ” ) is somewhat comical . Directed boldly , even more grotesque , bulging out all the negative traits of great people. In general, the film – caricature .

So to him , and could be taken , if at all this caricature were not human tragedy. And there is absolutely no laughing matter.

The film is a multi-faceted , tracing a few lines associated with each main character . George Sand. Her role performed by French actress Marie -France Pisier ( the same one that played the Charlotte Bronte in ” Bronte Sisters “). Here it is very different. Well, not for me to write. Everybody knows about the extravagance of George Sand : men’s suit, a cigar , a lot of love affairs , bold , progressive views . That only is it an expression : “If you want to write – lie ! “.

The role played by Frederic Chopin is not a professional actor, a Polish pianist Janusz Olejniczak , who himself and performs music . Nervous, painful , has stepped over the line separating the living from the dead. He played great , painfully .

On the music in the film , you can write to infinity. It is – it is possible to say, and is the protagonist of the film.

The daughter of George Sand cute Solange plays a young Sophie Marceau . It’s beautiful . And the director showed her in a favorable light . Of course! After all, Sophie Marceau – the wife of the director.

The relationship of the great mother and her children ( a son and a daughter Solange Moritz ), one of the most powerful moments in the film. The tragedy of children who can not get enough of maternal love and suffer from it , losing his face and turning into puppets , all imitating the mother. And it is not able to reach its greatness.

About the film difficult to say, it should look . Lovely location shooting , the costumes , the intertwining of reality and phantasmagoria not leave anyone indifferent. Everything in this film is so intertwined with each other – the betrayal and loyalty, vices and virtues , life and death – that you realize that this is real life , despite the caricature movie.



La note bleue (1991)