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When Your Flesh Screams

When Your Flesh Screams movie

Year: 2015

Duration: 92 min (PAL)

Directed by:  Guillermo Martínez

Actors:  Javier Batic, Alexia Encalada, Martín Espíndola  

Language: Spanish | NO SUBTITLES

Country: Argentina

Also known as: Cuando tu Carne Grite Basta (original title)

Description: What we have here is an Argentinian version of ‘I Spit On Your Grave.’ Its writer/director Guillermo Martínez’s first movie. Its in Spanish and there are no subtitles available yet, in any language. I believe the Blu-ray Limited Edition may contain English Subtitles, so I’m sure they will turn up eventually. Unlike the I Spit On Your Grave Remakes, which have substantial budgets and tons of special effects, this looks like it was made with 100 Pesos as the budget, so the ‘Revenge’ sequence at the end is so-so, but oh the rape! The director includes a scene straight out of ‘Irreversible,’ except the camera wobbles around instead of being completely still, but hey, a ten-minute single-take rape scene is still a ten-minute single-take rape scene. Its brutal and hard to watch, honestly.



When Your Flesh Screams (2015) 


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