Exitus interruptus - Der Tod ist erst der Anfang

Year: 2006

Duration: 01:54:33

Directed by: Andreas Bethmann

Actors: Renee Pornero, Anja Gebel and Andreas Bethmann

Language: German (English subs)

Country: Germany

Also known as: Exitus interruptus - Der Tod ist erst der Anfang, Exitus interruptus - Exit death is just the beginning

Description: Pussy licking, close-ups of penetration by dildo, actual cock-sucking and an actual cum shot - how is this not a porn movie? Exitus Interruptus is, to me, a really bad porno movie with some sick touches of horror thrown into the mix. Does anyone really want
to watch a rotten corpse fuck a girl with a gigantic dildo? Nekromantik might have been sick, but Exitus Interruptus is just fucked up to the point where you question the directors mental condition.

This disgusting and repulsing two-hour-long gorno fuck revolves around Manuela and her girlfriend. Some time ago, Manuela got raped in the woods and ended up killing her rapist. Since then she has been seeing a psychologist. What she doesn't know is that her psychologist is in fact her rapist's brother - and he has been waiting for a chance to reunite the two of them (yes, I'm sure he'd pass the psyche test). As soon as he's kidnapped Manuela, things start getting disgusting. I didn't really find the fact
that he had preserved his dead mother and brother that disgusting - it was an obvious homage to Psycho (Hitchcock is turning in his grave), but the fact that he straps on a dildo to his brothers decomposing body and then force fucks Manuela with it, I found
to be less sane. Exitus Interruptus isn't necessarily very gory, but watching a girl give a guy a blowjob in order to save her girlfriends life is much more disgusting than it actually sounds (believe me).

I've seen a few of Bethmann's previous movies such as Rossa Venezia and Insel der Dämonen, and while they were crap, they were nowhere near as sick as this shit. Unless you're extremely perverted (I'm a very open minded person, but if you like this, I will judge you a little), you're better off avoiding this movie like the plague. I even judge myself a little for being able to sit through the god damn thing without throwing up (or turning it off).



Exitus interruptus 2006