Caged Hearts 1995

Year: 1995

Duration: 01:34:23

Directed by: Henri Charr

Actors: Carrie Genzel, Tane McClure, Taylor Leigh, Nick Wilde,r Dink O'Neal, Brent Keast, Tonny Sorensen

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Bebörtönzött szívek, Fylakismenes kardies, Uwiezione

Description: Two women, Kate and Sharon, in attempt of self-defense killed one guy. But the court was excessively cruel to them, and women got into a prison. This prison is very difficult, in it mends their orders a secret organization "The Shield."

Kate and Sharon are subjected to various indignities: beatings, sexual harassments, they are even forced into prostitution. But friends are planning to get out of this caged hell and bring to justice all those who contributed to their ordeals: corrupt politicians, judges, lawyers and prison guards. And get out of the prison to them helps someone Steve, who works in the prison.



Caged Hearts 1995