Abnormis 2010

Year: 2010

Duration: 01:46:49

Directed by: Maik Ude

Actors: Divina Buran, Andrea Mohr , Darkum , Sven Spannagelhaus, Marco Kruse , Boris Klemkow , Maik Ude , Felix Fritz , Lea Louise , Knut Spoken 

Language: English

Country: Germany 

Also known as: 

Description of Abnormis:It was a beautiful summer day and the very pregnant Eva just wanted to have fun while shopping ...

They knew nothing of the nightmare of her imminent! Betrayed by her boyfriend and abducted by a madman Eva suffers the torments of hell! Tortured, raped and tortured to death her battered soul can find no rest. The thirst for revenge drives you back from the realm of demons into the living world and everyone will pay his debt with blood ...



Abnormis 2010