Joy et Joan 1985

Year: 1985

Duration: 01:30:35

Directed by: Jacques Saurel

Actors: Brigitte Lahaie, Isabelle Solar, Pierre Londiche

Language: French

Country: France

Also known as: Joy 2 | Joy: Chapter II | Joy and Joan | Joan | Joy kai Joan | Joy ve Joan | Joy und Joan

Description: After the big success of " Emmanuelle ", in Europe there were many such pictures . The creators hoped to create something similar, if not surpass a masterpiece Just Zhekina . However , not everyone is able to , and this case is no exception ...

The film "Joy et Joan" is largely copies "Emmanuel" : all the same in Thailand, the same moments of lesbian love ... Watching this picture, perforce feel that you've seen similar . And by the middle of the film the whole thing begins to seem naive fool . Uneven direction of Jacques Sorel places is laughable . Although this picture is not a comedy, sometimes you start to think about it . Especially in the scene where the main character is spying on Prince Cornelius , emerges from the water with binoculars .

Bridget Lae and Isobel Solar throughout the film to show off their naked bodies . Although , in this film there are only two good sex scenes . The other shot somehow awkwardly . Anyway , the whole erotic starts only from the middle of the movie.

As a result, we have a mediocre and an impressive picture .




Joy et Joan 1985