Emmanuelle 1974

Year: 1974

Duration: 01:29:28

Directed by: Just Jaeckin

Actors: Sylvia Kristel, Alain Cuny, Marika Green, Daniel Sarky

Language: French (English subs)

Country: France

Also known as: Emanuela, Emmanuella


Just on the screen, six series were issued «Emmanuelle» (not counting the imaginary, which is not based on the novel Emmanuelle Arsan, as well as the television series «Emmanuel forever») - and one of the producers finally admitted that in 1973, when only started to shoot first «Emmanuel», they were inspired by the success of the film «Last tango in Paris». An outstanding picture Bernardo Bertolucci appeared in regular cinemas, not in specialized adult cinemas. That's account those who have made a bet in the «Emmanuel» soft porno (literally «soft» or «weak porno», more precisely - erotica), proved to be absolutely precise. More than a year and continuously this erotic tape was shown in Paris and in one of the cinemas - even more than ten years!), becoming very popular, including among foreign guests of France, including Soviet of «exit»and with great success in other countries of the world. Total audience of the «Emmanuel» is estimated at more than 50 million spectators, and box office receipts in the amount of $100 million, and this despite the fact that the budget was only $500 thousand, that is, it was surpassed by the global box office 200 times!

What could attract people in a rather naive species melodrama about the sexual adventures of the young wife of a French diplomat, caught in Thailand? Of course, the interest to the intimate side of life. But what prevented them satisfy their curiosity and get «sex education» at present in pornography? Why and now the first «Emmanuelle» is in popular demand, it seems simply a masterpiece on the background of the rest of the series, not to mention pathetic artefacts, such as the German porno businessman?

33-year-old debutant Juste Jaeckin, before the last good school photographer, designer, sculptor and Creator of advertising tapes, subtly felt the love of the General public it is to sentimental and beautiful stories about secret passions. Caressing hearing music Pierre Basle, which is very easy to confuse with the melodies of popular composer Francis Lei (by the way, he was already the author of the score to the second series), confirmed once again, that the Director would like to create his own erotic version of the famous painting «Man and woman» by Claude Lelouch.

And a good sense succeeded Jaeckin as worldwide «Emmanuel» was regarded almost as a visiting card of light, pure French, romantic attitude to love, just a little more intimate and Frank than before, showing sexual feelings on the screen. Most surprising, ideal Frenchwoman played a 21-year-old Dutch girl Sylvia Kristel, which is famous because of «Emmanuel». Interestingly, in the first part of cinema cycle a young married woman performed by Kristel still looks like angular, not without complexes, adolescent, short, boyish manner haired, modern impetuous in the style of behavior, not suspecting about the hidden erotic aspirations, not feeling emotional desires of the hidden depths of their feminine nature. Woman to become a real woman, having mysterious «lessons of love» under the guidance of the wise «priest of love», «the philosopher of pleasure» and the true «aristocrat of the flesh».

Sylvia Kristel starred in three episodes of «Emmanuel»posed by the other Directors, but after seven years again met with Jaeckin on the film «lady Chatterley Lover». He himself, not wishing to make the continuation of the «Emmanuel», had preserved a predilection for genre «erotic cinema», however this triumph is no longer knew.



Emmanuelle 1974

Emmanuelle 1974 (English subs)