Fruits of Passion / Les fruits de la passion 1981

Year: 1981

Duration: 1:19:22

Directed by: Shûji Terayama

Actors: Isabelle Illiers, Klaus Kinski, Arielle Dombasle

Language: English Dubbed

Country: France, Japan

Also known as: Les fruits de la passion France (original title), Die Früchte der Leidenschaft, Los frutos de la pasión

Description: Hong Kong of 1920-s. A young British Asian girl gets into a brothel. Being subjected by sexual violence, fetishism of the clients, she finds a lot of new sensual desires in the world of forbidden sex.

Review: A few years after the erotic film adaptation Justin Zhakenov "Story of O." with Udo Kier as Renee, Shuji Terayama, changing scenario, moved to Hong Kong O. young twenties, and Sir Stephen played an aging vampire Klaus Kinski (Kinski Paganini). Sir Stephen at Terayamy - the only man beloved O., Renee disappeared. History did not decently, even become more outrageous shades, but calling the film "Passion Fruit" erotic pretty hard, but rather a dark psychological drama, where mirrors, chains and whips are just very sensual tease bizarrely corrupt person perilous moments that smack of a sad farce provoke more disgust, ridicule or oppressive pity.

One of the central ideas of mysticism - the idea of ​​the destruction of his own "I". In Christianity, it is expressed in the principle of "less of the created, the more the Lord," in the savage Gnostic heresies - a kind of exorcism, betray their joys and humiliations alien flesh for the liberation of the spirit from the sins that have allegedly corporeal nature. In Eastern mysticism plays a major role to get rid of an illusory "ego" with it, respectively, selfishness. Broken mirror, broken cobweb in the wind, algae, humbly zyblemye water, photography, stitching thread, girl crucified on a mirror, which reflects her lover, symbolize the mystical idea of ​​bringing Japanese director in the scandalous story Dominique Ory: Sir Stephen sends his mistress in Hong Kong brothel not only to test the strength of her feelings as to OA could completely abandon their will, breaking the boundaries between themselves and Stephen, to become part of Stephen. This motif of bodily incompleteness Terayama hints, showing one of the first customers OA one-armed, and the other, Ogaki, - with a crippled hand. The same motif beat and gimmicks for extravagant "love." Therefore, the role of the mistress entrusted transvestite brothel, where men in the Eastern supplemented opposite feminine, yin yang side by side with. And Sir Stephen himself subjected to the test light touch that is embodied in the name of his wife, the lovely Natalie played by Arielle Dombasle: this name from the same word natus, as Rene, the "rebirth".

Turning block becomes pity, tested O. towards youth Ogaki, sought her favor. However, such a wriggle of the plot is ambiguous: he seems to be saying that it is impossible for a Western man to give up his "I", while Hong Kong's rebels and the Pauper worthless rabble, sleeping on the floor of the inn, make it easy with the caller, but the fact that prostitutes know their fathers at Sir Stephen or occasional customers, supports the idea of ​​compassion, the supreme virtue of Buddhism opposed to self-love and overcoming illusory differences between individuals. The point then is not in the heart preference, exerted O. younger lover, and that exhausts O. "bad karma" is not one of Sir Stephen, because soteriological mystery unlimited personal passion - and thus, the release of the hated "me "accomplished.



Fruits of Passion 1981