Duas Estranhas Mulheres 1981

Year: 1981

Duration: 01:25:52

Directed by: Jair Correia

Actors: Joel Angrisani, Fátima Celebrini, Zélia Diniz

Language:  Portuguese

Country: Brazil

Also known as: 

Description: High class super erotic thriller made on Boca do Lixo directed by Jair Correa. The film has two episodes based on the strong and mythological feminine figures of Eva (the first woman) and Diana (Roman godess of hunt) A story full of suspense and touches of eroticism, marked by reference to two strong female figures: Eve, the first of all women, and Diana, the Roman goddess of the hunt. One of the episodes stars gorgeous actress Patricia Scalvi (Reincarnation Of Sex).



Duas Estranhas Mulheres