Barbarella movie

Year: 1968

Duration: 01:38:00

Directed by: Roger Vadim

Actors: Jane Fonda, John Phillip Law, Anita Pallenberg and Milo O'Shea

Language: English

Country: France | Italy

Also known as: Barbarella: Queen of the Galaxy, Barbarella, la Venus del espacio, Barbarella, planeettojen valtiatar, Barbarella, rumpigen og den sorte tyran

Description: A young scientist called Duran-Duran suddenly disappeared in unknown surroundings of a star Tau Network on the way to Polaris. It would seem - so what? You never know how things might appear from a reputable scientist?

However, the President of the solar system is well aware , that Duran Duran invented such a great toy, as a pozitronic beam that could destroy not only the solar system, but in general the whole universe.

And then he asks the assistance of emancipation and terribly beautiful sexual adventure seeker who travels across the universe in the 41 th century AD. She meets with the representatives of races and civilizations most diverse looks and carries them all a simple and modest thing - love.

Review: Erotic fantasy! Say that this does not happen, but let me disagree with you and show you the movie - "Barbarella." This film is a classic of French cinema filmed by Roger Vadim. He has a lot of films in the filmography, but "Barbarella" of course, it stands out. Few people know that this film Vadim filmed on the old French comic books, and the shooting of the film, he fell in love with the main actress Jane Fonda.

Roger Vadim was very amorous director and he had many wives. There is nothing surprising in the fact that this film was scored by sex (albeit very funny). Roger Vadim made the film with a big hoax. You can follow the plot of the film, and you can admire the quaint scenery (for the year 1968 they were really strange). But in this movie, you need to look for something else. Personally, I watched this movie just because of Jane Fonda, and rightly so ...

Vadim admires the film. By the way at the beginning of the film is very original. Striptease in zero gravity! Have not you seen it anywhere at all in the film? Personally, I have not seen and admired the beauty of Jane Fonda. Maybe it's not the best of her role, but the most sexy. Now, when you can download from the Internet any pornography films such as "Barbarella" become just a very nice and quite a bit outspoken.

But in 1968, this film made a lot of noise. Barbarella named the most desirable woman in the world. Although this film is very much like it is out of date and only for those who love classic cinema. Let it was very naive, but he was alive. And maybe I do not understand the woman's beauty, but I think this film is very sexy. And I fell in Barbarella. The maximum score classics.

Review #2: Beauty and the innocent soul Barbarella (however, "Beauty" - too mildly) to bargain - the best astronavigator whether of land, or in the galaxy, at the request of the President is on a distant planet. It will have to go through many dangerous adventures (including a few breakdowns ship encounter with evil children, flying with an angel, a scene from "The Birds" by Alfred Hitchcock, promoting underground revolutionaries and excruciating torture pleased) to find and neutralize runaway Earth scientists - the owner of the deadly pozitronicheskogo beam sounding name Durand Durand and some kind of ambition. Barbarella courageous opponents will not have to envy; aides she give love - in a variety of manifestations of this.

In the year of the monumental "Odyssey" by Stanley Kubrick, the French with the Italians withdrew completely different fiction. There is no science, and almost no philosophy, it is clearly not enough rigor in the presentation and earthiness in the dialogue. But there is the speaker sound nice song and everywhere breathes joyful irony.

Set designers due to the "Odyssey" equal, but the costumes ... oh the costumes!

And of course, in "Barbarella" is dug unearthly beauty Barbarella. If it is indeed "the best astronavigator", the home world of the 41st century, scary, but if at the same time and "a typical earth woman," we probably hastened born. It does not matter even as playing Jane Fonda (played, like the rest, cute, with little sparks), but it is important how it looks and what to wear. Her costumes - oh! - Bring to the film poltsentnera raisins overshadow bright whimsical decorations and compensate convention outdated special effects.

Kubrick aficionados probably say "Fie!", A cynic might uglyadite similarity to the works of Ed Wood, a romantic rush to find the soundtrack, a fan of the 60's, I think, approve all together. And Robert Rodriguez unlikely to give shooting a remake of the earlier of the fifth millennium - find another Barbarella only there.



Barbarella 1968