The Intrusion movie

Year: 1975

Duration: 01:01:33

Directed by: Arthur Nouveau

Actors: Kim Pope, Michael Gaunt and Levi Richards

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Intrusions, Sexual Assault

Description: THE INTRUSION (which is actually the second part of Forced Entry) is not my cup of tea, but is worthwhile as an example of single-minded, riveting hardcore porn devoted to a subject that cannot really be treated adequately by mainstream cinema. Like Oshima's groundbreaking IN THE REALM OF THE SENSES (same vintage as this American film), it is spellbinding but repulsive.

The secret is to take one's work seriously, which is what the anonymous filmmaker hiding behind the moniker "Arthur Nouveau" did. He painstakingly sets up an all-to-real situation, forces the viewer to live through it, and finally releases us at the end in the manner of porn's stablemate genre in morbidity, horror.

Kim Pope is ideally cast as an attractive but mousy housewife living somewhere in NY State (film's setting is not given, but it could be Westchester, for example). Her loving husband Levi Richards is quite protective, and opening reel depicts a kind of blissful Eisenhower-era suburbia, except this is the '70s so we begin with XXX-footage of them making love on the kitchen floor.

But as soon as hubby leaves, a creep posing as an insurance salesman gets his foot in the proverbial door. Instead of haranguing Kim with annuity proposals, he knocks her for a loop and the rest of the hour-long feature is torture-porn designed to arouse the male viewer. Only variation is that kindly neighbor Lynn Bishop shows up midway on schedule and is forced to partake in being raped alongside Kim.



The Intrusion 1975