The Eroticist AKA All'onorevole piacciono le donne 1972

Year: 1972

Duration: 01:49:32

Directed by: Lucio Fulci

Actors: Lando Buzzanca, Lionel Stander, Laura Antonelli and Corrado Gaipa

Language: Italian (English subs)

Country: Italy | France

Also known as: All'onorevole piacciono le donne (Nonostante le apparenze... e purché la nazione non lo sappia), All'onorevole piacciono le donne, Lucio Fulci's The Eroticist, The Senator Likes Women

Description: The protagonist of this satirical comedy - Senator from the Christian Democratic Party Puppis (Lando Buzzanca who participated in a movie Young Dracula), who is planing to become a president. Chances are not bad - the competitors are under control, support of the church is guaranteed and everything seems to be fine ... but there is trouble - Senator suffers from mental illness - at the sight of women's asses, he loses control on himself and his only desire is to grasp it firmly with his hands. This change, if it will be known about it, can destroy the career of politician. That's why he was influenced by his friend, the priest, decides to go to the convent to a German professor (and concurrently also the abbot of the monastery) to try to recover from this illness .

Review: Perhaps if you tell a person not familiar with the creative by Lucio Fulci (Demonia), that acknowledged master of horror-movie, was issued in the screen space of his films hordes of the living dead, and other infernal creatures, early in his career took off (and in sufficient quantities) comedy, it just do not believe it. Meanwhile, besides the "zombies" in the life of maestro had a lot of interesting things: the classic western, and Jalla, and adventure of Jack London and ... political satire, a genre in which the ungrateful filmed a catchy name, which can be translated as "Senator , who loved women (in any circumstances ... and a secret from the people "). Well, or just "Senator lecher." "The Eroticist" is just a political satire - a genre and in fact extremely ungrateful to their authors: only slightly altered realities, brought to life by a particular pamphlet, it becomes irrelevant and obscure side of man, not inclined to thoroughly study history. And consequently, of little interest. Of course, there are exceptions: Jonathan Swift, Saltykov-Shchedrin, Petronius, finally. Except that most of the names of the great satirists of holdover from the very distant past, but those who have been relevant twenty or thirty or forty years ago, we barely remember. Well, in fact, who now remembers, for example, seeds Narinyani? But in the seventies his article sounded across the country. It would have been the case with the "Senator ..." if it were not zombies ... Deliberately or not, but the living dead are able to raise from the grave and brought back to life, even the stillborn opus of its creator.

Hero of «All` onorevole »- Senator and five minutes to the president of Puppis - a near perfect candidate for the" fathers of the nation ", if it were not for one small flaw. At the sight of appetizing women (and not just female) ass, he falls into a trance, and his hand involuntarily stretches towards enticing afedrona. Which, of course, can not be by guests on political methods ... And the rest senator - a role model: a faithful son of the Catholic Church, ready to selflessly serve Italy's highest office. And all because, from an early age his carefully nurtured Padre Maravilla, planting his Christian morality and knocking heads all sorts of sinful thoughts. Now the priest became a cardinal and in close alliance with the Mafia builds dark plans to seize power behind his pupil. But what to do with mental illness suddenly emerged Puppisa?


The Eroticist 1972

The Eroticist (English subs)