The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane

Year: 1976

Duration: 01:32:19

Directed by:  Nicolas Gessner

Actors: Jodie Foster, Martin Sheen and Alexis Smith

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Das Mädchen am Ende der Straße; Den lilla flickan i huset vid vägens slut; A Garota do Fim da Rua; A Menina do Outro Lado da Rua; A Rapariga do Fim da Rua; A kislány, aki az utcánkban lakik; La muchacha del sendero; La niña del caserón solitario; La petite fille au bout du chemin; Mala dziewczynka, która mieszka na koncu drogi; Pieni tyttö joka asuu kujan päässä; Pigen for enden af vejen; Quella strana ragazza che abita in fondo al viale; To kelari tis agonias

Description of Who Lives Down the Lane movie: Rynn - 13 -year-old little girl, utterly wiser than all the adults around because that was gaining wisdom is not from them but from life. But life has always taught her that you need to be able to defend their right to personal space and freedom by any means , because there will always be around adults who do not recognize the existence of such rights in the child. His father taught her how to survive , but not taught how to live. When he had gone to another world , one of the family she has left only a hamster Gordon, but it is waiting for the tragic fate of the film .

This is definitely a drama . At times , it may even seem a melodrama , so the character touches a young Jodie Foster, but the plot of the film does not relax for a long time , and most probably corresponds to the genre of the psychological thriller , with a maniac , unbalanced lady who the audience is ready to kill himself from the first minute of appearances with real , mysterious murders , and of course the police , who are investigating . It did not go into the story and without the " knight in shining armor ." They became the neighbor's teenager , with whom Rinn began a very mature relationship. He became her family, by whom it is fully trusted and let into their circle . I guess it happens always - when one person most serious intentions towards the other, that he is ready to take it along with the " skeletons in the closet" , in this case , with a few dead bodies in the cellar.

The film Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane is easy , but to keep constantly in suspense , the plot is simple, but it makes one think about a lot. Perhaps he was one of the most favorite in my collection. He was immediately fascinated me , if only because the first time I saw it as Jodie Foster at a tender age . It turns out she had a child as beautiful and intelligent eyes . However, and her acting talent was evident even then .

Review of The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane : This film captures the attention in the very first minutes of viewing when Wrynn appears in the mirror with a cake and congratulating himself on his birthday, for the language of his gap-toothed teeth.

At first glance, it is very difficult to attribute to the genre of horror, due to the lack of standard procedures inherent in horror movies. Yet if you look more closely, you can discern the invisible, but clearly perceived the distinction between conventional thriller and psychological horror film, which artificially created by the authors. For example: After the climax of scandal and absurd death of Mrs. Hallet, suddenly there is complete silence and only crushing the creak of metal wheels, driven by an irrepressible hamster breaks this terrible pause.

From the beginning, the audience embraces the mysterious atmosphere. It seems that his ancestors she just finished, and does so with all those who want to disturb her lonely little world. But thankfully the film is not as simple as it might seem at first glance.



The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane 1976