My Lover My Son 1970

Year: 1970

Duration: 01:35:26

Directed by:  John Newland

Actors: Romy Schneider, Donald Houston, Dennis Waterman, Patricia Brake

Language: English

Country: USA | UK

Also known as: Inzest, L'inceste, Uccidi uccidi, ma con dolcezza

Description: Francesca is unhappy in her marriage with an old businessman Robert. When her lover accidentally drowned, on the basis of emotions she experienced feelings to the younger son, James. Her husband does not like it and he sends James to college, but after returning, guy has intercourse with his own mother. Robert learns about incest, catching a couple in embrace, and reacts violently. As a result of the scandal, Francesca kills her husband. Unconscious during the fight, James thinks that he is a murderer and he will face a prison sentence ... Romy Schneider also participated inthe old WIP movie Maedchen in Uniform (1958)

Review: That is how the translation into Russian will be called the film. Romy Schneider plays Frances, the wife of an elderly millionaire is hard going through the death of her lover, the father of her only son. Motivated by the tragedy Francesca falls in love with his own son.

The film is pretty average, and, in my opinion, disgusting, because his mother falls in love with her ​​own son. If you remove the theme of incest, there is nothing special about it. A typical story of unrequited love. Four points per game Romy Schneider.



My Lover My Son