La Moglie Vergine 1975

Year: 1975

Duration: 01:31:06

Directed by:  Marino Girolami

Actors: Edwige Fenech, Carroll Baker and Renzo Montagnani

Language: Italian

Country: Italian

Also known as: A Esposa Virgem, At Last at Last, I gynaika mou einai parthena..., I proti nyhta tou gamou, Komm, wir machen Liebe, La esposa virgen, Mann, ist das ein Ding, Neitsytvaimo, Marche pas sur ma virginité, Nietknieta zona, Valentina... The Virgin Wife, You've Got to Have Heart

Description of La Moglie Vergine movie:Honeymoon at Valentina and Giovanni has not turned out the fault of newlyweds. All attempts to become a full-fledged husband Giovanni failed. Then, on the advice of his uncle and mother in law, he decides to enlist the help of various "reinforcing means." Nothing helps the bride and family in despair. The case goes to the divorce - and then something happens ... CARBON Italian comedy with lots of erotic scenes. Fans of Edwige Fenech (the bride `s) will be especially pleased - this film is, for obvious reasons, the Soviet box office and was not on our trackers have not yet laid out. Renzo Montanyani great comedian in the role of an overbearing uncle.

Italian director  Marino Girolami also directed such movies like Zombie Holocaust and a rare incest drama Grazie nonna, in 1975.



La Moglie Vergine 1975

La Moglie Vergine (English Subs)