Asfour Stah AKA Halfaouine Child of the Terraces

Year: 1990

Duration: 01:35:00

Directed by: Férid Boughedir

Actors: Selim Boughedir, Mustapha Adouani and Rabia Ben 

Language: Arabic with English subs

Country: Tunisia | France | Italy

Also known as: Halfaouine - l'enfant des terrasses

Description of Asfour Stah: Young Nura in his twelve still attending public bath together with the mother. However, women's charms that he had looked upon from the very childhood, unexpectedly for himself begin to awaken completely new and unexpected interest. At the moment when he starts to understand it, over his Junior erotic-romantic idyll threatened... the Child grows up and learns life, communicating with ordinary people - residents Halfaouine, old Tunis quarter...



Asfour Stah