Emmanuelle's Magic movie

Year: 1993

Duration: 01:29:24

Directed by: Francis Leroi

Actors: Marcela Walerstein, George Lazenby and Sylvia Kristel

Language: English

Country: France

Also known as: Magique Emmanuelle, A Magia de Emmanuelle

Description: In the cabin of the aircraft Emmanuelle tells his old friend Mario another story. Once she met in Greece with his girlfriend Coco, which led archaeological excavations in search of the remains of ancient monuments.

Coco and Emmanuel went to visit another friend, whose husband was an artist, a sculptor, and learned that he ceased to interest and wife, and generally women, because love... the statue! Created by himself a work of art... To help a friend, Emmanuel taken in the course of their magical abilities... From director of Pigalle Girl movie.



Emmanuelle's Magic 1993