Vendetta movie

Year: 1985 | 1986

Duration: 01:25:58

Directed by: Bruce Logan

Actors: Karen Chase, Sandy Martin, Roberta Collins, Kin Shrinner

Language: Japanese

Country: Japan

Also known as: Shin joshuu sasori: Tokushu-bô X, La nouvelle femme scorpion – cachot X

Description: The younger sister of Hollywood stuntman Laurie was attacked by the rapist and defensively, kills him. But the circumstances and the lack of evidence are against her and she gets for two years in prison. In prison all show is runned by the gangs of women drug addicts and lesbians.

Rebellious girl is constantly under attack, and in the end she was forcibly drugged, tortured and killed. Do not believe in the version of suicide made by authorities, Laurie commits a misdemeanor to get in the same prison.

There she begins her investigation she is constantly faced with prison outrage from both and the gang and by the guards. Even for a such experienced stunt like Lori was not easy to handle them. But when she finds out the truth about the murder of sister, Laurie did not stop the vendetta.

Review: Very much, I tell you, interested high scores (especially with IMDb) for seemingly ordinary third-rate film was produced by Roger Corman. I decided to explore the benefit of 80 love, and the cover of the movie bright)

The theme of “adventure wrongly convicted in prison” is rich in a variety of instances. Occupies a special place everyday women’s prison. The extra parameter – a subgenre devoted to this topic – Women in Prison (albeit former afloat a short period of time, but should be left).

“Vendetta” for all the similarities of plot and atmosphere to carry WiP’am I can not. There is no inherent latest entertainment and ease.

“Vendetta” is trying to stretch the realism and drama. It turns out so-so. Not one character is not absolutely no emotion and empathy. Otdubasili someone, someone died – indifference in the square. And the main character (the one that carries “Vendetta”) as merely annoying – she looks like a typical narrow-minded American farmer, which only milk cows, and also by the nature of dumb. I’d be a walk did not)

Usually in such films highlights a specific character, as the “chief authority.” The one puncture – babishchy outwardly typical fan of “Night Snipers”, a difficult biography, rewind 15 years time (probably soaked man). But it suggests the order without a spark and fervor.

In the second half begins, “militant”, begins revenge. Revenge sluggish. Catching zechek alone, heroic poses bahvalnye phrases.

With the image of life in prison, too, as usual: dope, humiliation, Negro and simulators in the open air.

And for that, there are four screenwriter …

About the creators of this project have very little that can be said. The most famous is the composer (excluding Corman). Director famous for being the operator of the first “Tron.” From a rich cast list of familiar faces I saw. And this is true – there is no special talents noticed.

Inspected with difficulty ratings do not understand, the film fairly lost in the past. You can even blame the wasted time.



Vendetta 1986