The Magdalene Sisters movie

Year: 2002

Duration: 01:59:33

Directed by: Peter Mullan

Actors: Eileen Walsh, Dorothy Duffy, Nora-Jane Noone, Dorothy Duffy

Language: English

Country: Ireland | UK

Also known as: Die unbarmherzigen Schwestern, Les soeurs Madeleine, Magdalene Sisters: En el nombre de Dios

Description: Magdalene Asylum in Ireland contained nurses under the auspices of the Catholic Church. Getting here from families or orphanages, young girls found themselves in a close imprisonment. Hard work in the laundry they had to atone for their sins.

Sin, deserving of such redemption, could be anything: motherhood outside of marriage or too outspoken beauty. Or as causing deformity. Or stupidity, or mind, or misfortune to become a victim of violence and negligence have to tell about it. For their sins they are free to work 364 days a year, half-starved, subjected to corporal punishment and humiliation. They were raped and they took away the children. This sentence was indefinite.

Thousands of women have lived and died here. The last Magdalene Asylum in Ireland closed in 1996, seven years ago. This film is from the four of them girls, and its action takes place in the 60s, the time mistakenly seen by some as the era of female liberation.

These young Catholic almost medieval obscurantism, while the outside world tacitly (or in some cases actively) supports a theocratic state. The film traces the history of development or degradation of personalities of the girls under the vigilant control of women who gave voluntary celibacy, servants of God, the bride of Christ.

At one point, the girls won their small victory – the nuns were forced to abolish corporal punishment, but that only means that now they will be kept in slave-like conditions a little better. One of them gets out the most banal way, the other ends up in a mental institution, and the latter two, in the end, go to the riot, escape from the shelter and escape.

From director of Young Adam

Review: The movie Magdalene Sisters tells the story of Catholic Ireland sample 60th of the 20th century. Three girls will fall under the wing of destiny Monastery Magdalene. The reasons are different, but fall under the category of “whore.” Those girls who have parents, they fall into the hands of those monasteries. This place, at first glance, not much different from the prison.

15 hours a day working in a dirty, stuffy laundry, barely how to eat, do not have permission even communicate with each other. In this case, such as the protection of the monastery there. As well as a prison, it’s penitentiary. “Only hard work can atone for sin,” – said the mother abbess. “Sin can only redeem the blood” – said in a penal battalion. Per the smallest infraction sister falls under the terrible corporal punishment.

The film Magdalene Sisters sounds like a conversation about heaven. I immediately thought came to mind: “In order to go to heaven to go through hell.” Can of course the way it is, but the results of these test measures embarrassing. Girls, get there the same. Who else. Basically, they cease to exist as a person. Become miserable, mumbling something, without any clear thoughts in my head, ready to deliver at any time. Weakest – mad or trying to commit suicide. The film clearly shows how different girls react to “hell.” Only the strongest accumulate cruelty, hatred, which have learned from superiors can splash out and try to get away from oppression.

In the film Magdalene Sisters, as if played by non-professional actors, so they believe. To the Catholic Church after viewing ambiguous attitude change. There is one point on which the sisters show religious films. While viewing the Mother Superior was crying, genuinely worrying about a nun on the film projector. Her unwavering faith really, just like the belief in the medieval inquisitors.

Raises all in this movie. This vaccine society, including Russian. We have a problem of unnecessary cruelty and semi-slavery also relevant. The film incidentally filmed on real events. It is necessary to know the Lord and to remember such things. Director thanks.

Review #2: The film is wonderful, if only because he shot an Irishman for the Irish, to tell of the cruelty of the national way of life.

The Irish people are passionate and principled – is known without a movie, just look international news reports, in which, no, no, yes, flashed harsh “statement” of representatives of the Irish Republican Army. The Irish people are romantic and musical, and it is known on the works of successful music and dance groups. Not by chance the movie begins with the amazing beauty of the song. But the Irish people have a conscience and are able to admit their mistakes, it becomes clear only after watching “The Magdalene Sisters”.

Conscience could wake up earlier, but better late than never! From the late 18th century until the late 20th century in the educational and correctional institutions monastic types – ‘Magdalene Asylum “was disfigured by more than one thousand so-called” fallen women “. This category of “God-fearing” Irish citizens could be attributed as victims of violence, women who gave birth out of wedlock, moronic, and just beauties. The impression is that the motto of these educational institutions was not that “Not Born Beautiful!”, But rather “Generally, a woman is not born!”. Severe physical punishment and work, travel restrictions and a ban on talking likened shelters prison, which experienced people on nature. Someone despair and submitted to inhuman regime, someone kept its own identity thanks to a special faith in the overall fairness of somebody going crazy, and someone, collecting all the will and the power of a fist, he fled without looking away from all this madness . But the past can not be far away, even if the race distance in life. And, occasionally, the terrible events of the past years will be to get up in front of his eyes, as if the shadow of bystanders. Actually, all this and tells the movie.

And yet, thanks to an impressive mastery of the actors, it perfectly captures the force of moral humiliation that sometimes cause large wounds than physical punishment. Tells how cruel and superstitious people, even to the closest, as fanatical religiosity can destroy families.

The film can be cut into pieces to illustrate the personality of the characters struggle and strong Irish women. It can be seen as a vile slander on the institution of the church, as the history of a few wayward girls. But the most important thing to remember that it is based on real events taking place in Ireland for two centuries. So at the beginning sounds so strange and touching Irish song that can not be found on the Internet. It sounds and shows close-ups of faces expressing concern and penetration, naivety and determination at the same time.

In my opinion, the film The Magdalene Sisters is shot in repentance and love, which, as is well known, and there is a God!



The Magdalene Sisters 2002